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Boats and Subs Fort Ideas for Kids

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Here at Fort Magic, we are always talking about the kinds of things we loved to do as kids. Pretending like we were explorers or pirates was one of our favorite things. We would spend hours looking for new lands and saying, “Ahoy Matey!” It is because of our love of the magic on the open…

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How to Build A Playhouse Fort

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Kids can learn a lot from playing in a playhouse fort. It is an excellent way for them to role-play, learn responsibility, and express their creativity. But, before kids can gain all of these advantages, a playhouse needs to be built. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to build a playhouse fort for…

How Kids Explore Art with Forts

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Kids today have access to all kinds of toys and games. Many of these games are played on technological toys. While it is unwise to deny the influence that technology has and will continue to have on our children, it is important to keep in mind the significance of things that promote imagination. The imagination…

Castle Fort Ideas For Kids

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Fort-building is often seen as an iconic part of childhood. From sleepovers to rainy days, almost any occasion can be an excuse to build a fort (and defend it against imaginary attacks from pirates or aliens). Forts are fun to build and fun to use and are a great way for kids to exercise their…

Exploring Architecture Building Designs Through Forts

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If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they probably won’t say, “An architect.” Regardless, fort building is a great way for them to explore the basics of architecture at a young age, maybe without even realizing it! Architecture takes imagination and creativity to make something new using the…

Children Learn, Think and Create Through Art in Your Backyard Fort

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When you live somewhere that experiences long, cold winters, or if you’re home with your children during the summer, it’s nice to be able to send your kids outside to play – once the weather permits. Until then, spend some time reading about the holidays and enjoying the winter season before it ends. Building a…

Do Children Learn Through Play With Forts?

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Kids have a lot of energy, and sitting to learn for extended periods of time can be difficult. Thank goodness for recess! When your children are home from school for winter or summer breaks, it’s important to keep them learning outside of the classroom. You’re probably not going to convince your kids to sit down…

10 Reasons to Build Forts and How to Make Learning More Fun

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As a parent, you know why it’s important for your children to do activities like read books, make artwork, and use their imaginations. At Fort Magic, we believe that it’s also important to let your children build forts! There are some excellent skills your kids can learn from building forts, and they’ll have so much…

Teaching Business Skills With Forts

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It’s no secret that most kids have great imaginations. You can see it when they play make believe games, create artwork, and build with toys. Fort building is a great way for kids to exercise their imagination. Teaching business skills to kids with forts will use their imaginations and put them on the track to…

UPDATED Castle Fort Design

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UPDATED CASTLE DESIGN – NOW EASIER TO BUILD! Checkout our newest Fort Magic Castle design!  Your little kings, queens or knights will have hours of fun in this royal design.  Just swipe the image to save on your desktop and print! Happy Fort Building!