Get Creative Exploring Art With Forts

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When you think of children’s art, you probably think of things like finger painting, coloring, and modeling clay. However, there are so many cool ways for children to be artistic outside of the typical. One of those ways is by building forts. Get creative exploring art with forts, and your child will discover a whole…

5 Reasons To Build Teepee Forts

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Everyone loves a good Teepee fort. 🙂 Today we are sharing 5 super-fun reasons why your family should build this classic fort design today. Reason #1 Teepee Forts Make An Awesome Playtime Activity. Today we’re sharing two of our favorite mom blogs fabulous Fort Magic Teepee forts for playtime. Play At Home Mom blog and Surviving A…

Engineering For Kids With Forts

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Engineering is cool.  Engineering with forts?  Even cooler!  Getting kids excited about creativity and engineering is what we love to do at Fort Magic.  Today we’re sharing some super-fun ideas on how to explore basic engineering ideas with your kids the next time you break out your Fort Magic kit.  🙂    BASIC ENGINEERING IDEA #1 …