Boing Boing Still LOVES Fort Magic After One Year!

Posted August 15, 2013 by Fort Magic

Boing Boing Editor, Mark Frauenfelder & his daughter still loves playing with their Fort Magic kit … even after owning it for a year!

So fun!!!  Thank you Mark for sharing Fort Magic on Boing Boing with all of your readers.  We are so happy you are still loving to build with your Fort Magic kit!

Boing Boing Fort Magic Review


“My 10-year-old daughter and her friends love playing with the Fort Magic kit. It’s a box of PVC pipes and connecters, along with clips to attach sheets or tarps. You can build all sorts of things with them, from dangerous blow guns (we use cotton balls and tape with a big needle) to clubhouses. See Fort Magic’s YouTube channel for other projects. We’ve had Fort Magic for a over a year and Jane has not yet become bored with it.

Here’s a video of Jane and her cousins showing me one of their creations.”

~ Mark Frauenfelder, Editor Boing Boing and MAKE Magazine

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