The Best Fort Building Kit For Kids!

Posted January 16, 2013 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic is the BEST Fort Building kit for kids! One Fort Magic Kit Builds ALL Of These Designs And So Much More…Castle, Ship, Teepee, Cottage, Airplane, Submarine… The design possibilities are endless with the Fort Magic fort building kit!  Fort Magic is a patent-pending fort building kit for children with Straight and Curved Sticks in 7 different sizes, 5 different Connector …

December Fort Magic Photo Contest Winner!

Posted January 2, 2013 by Fort Magic

Congratulations to Jodi’s family! They are our December 2012 Fort Magic Family Photo Contest Winners! “Who knew that some connecters and plastic tubes could entertain 4 children and their 2 parents soooo well! It’s amazing that something so simple could bring a family together for hours WITHOUT electronics!!!!! Thank you so much for giving us such a …

How To 'Toddler-Proof' Your Forts!

Posted December 30, 2012 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic Customer Tip On How To ‘Toddler-Proof’ Your Forts! Even though Fort Magic is recommended for ages 5 1/2 and up, smaller brothers and sisters can’t help but get in on the fun when Fort Magic comes out to play!  Sometimes very small children can be rough when playing and knock the sticks and …