How To Create Special Hooks To Hang Your Dress, Purse…Or Anything Else!

Posted February 13, 2013 by Fort Magic

An Innovative Storage Tip From Mom, Holly!

Because once you build your fort you will want to play in it for hours of fun…this tip will come in handy for anyone looking for clever storage ideas for their forts!  Here little Gianna comes up with a clever solution to hang her purse and dresses for fun!  We love it!  Thank you for sharing!





February Fort Magic Glamour House Gianna & Family! 15
“My daughter is super girly! So of course Gianna wanted a hook for her purses and dresses! So she invented this design made of a 5″ stick and 90 degree connector. This is why I love this toy. It is such a great way to stimulate our daughter’s imagination.”
Mom, Holly

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