Fort Magic Valentine's Day Candy Box Fort!

Posted February 5, 2013 by Fort Magic

The Green Family shared their adorable Valentine’s Day inspired Fort Magic Candy Box fort! Mom says this picture is called “My Little Sweet-ies!” We agree! Sooo sweet!!! So creative! Thank you for sharing Green family!!! We love your fort! 🙂


February Fort Magic Valentine's Day Creative Kids Fort!

“It’s amazing that something so simple could bring a family together for hours WITHOUT electronics!!!!! Thank you so much for giving us such a great opportunity to enjoy playing together as a family again!”
The Green Family 

It is truly inspiring to see how creative our Fort Magic families can be!  The fort building and construction designs are as endless as their imaginations!  You really can “Build A Fort As BIG As Your Imagination!”  Great job Green family!  We are so excited to see what you design next!



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