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Jim Pascoe & Kids Still Love Fort Magic!

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Renowned fantasy/comics writer Jim Pascoe and family shared these fun photos of their latest forts! They have had their Fort Magic kit for over a year now! Jim says the kids still love to build and play with their Fort Magic kit!

“You’ve got a fantastic product! Over a year later they still come up to me and say, dad, let’s build a fort today! Here are some recent pictures! You’ll notice thatmy son put a ton of connector clips on a 24” stick so that he could make a “warrior staff”! YES!”
Dad, Jim Pascoe


February Fort Magic Box Fort Jim Pascoe! 1

February Fort Magic Box Fort Jim Pascoe! 2

February Fort Magic Box Fort Jim Pascoe! 3

Thank you for sharing your pictures Jim! We just love your son’s cool box fort and warrior staff (and the costume…so cute!) Your daughter’s fort looks very cozy and super fun, the perfect hideout for a ballerina! Adorable!!!


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