Wireless, Battery Operated LED Lighting For Your Forts!

Posted April 13, 2013 by Fort Magic

A Tip On How To Light The Inside Of Your Fort…From Mom, Holly!

Holly’s husband had the smart idea to use wireless, battery operated LED lights to brighten the inside of Gianna’s forts!  Now they have the perfect removable lighting accessory for any fort!  What a clever tip!  Thank you for sharing!

February Fort Magic Glamour House Gianna & Family! 18

“While Gianna & I were decorating the outside of the fort, my husband was installing some wireless & battery operated LED track lighting that he bought at Home Depot for Gianna’s fort. He tied the lights to the ceiling support bar using wire ties & simply taped the switch to a side support. We can safely reuse this lighting in any fort! She can easily enjoy her fort at night too. It was really worth it!”
Mom, Holly

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