International Orders
Due to unexpected high sales volume of the Fort Magic kit this season, and additional restocking delays inside the Amazon warehouses, you may find Fort Magic is unavailable for purchase for $149.00.  If you discover that Fort Magic is not selling currently on Amazon for $149.00 (via Amazon FBA Prime), please check back soon.   
Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly when the Amazon inventory will restock on Amazon (as the Amazon team will only list Fort Magic when they have it ready to ship to customers).  And our Fort Magic warehouse inventory is already sold out.  Our advice is to check the Fort Magic Amazon page very often (several times per day, if you really want to purchase, as it sells out very quickly once listed).  FBA Prime does offer free 2Day Shipping.  However, supplies have become very limited this season.  
Additionally, the $499 Fort Magic kit listed on the Amazon store is NOT being sold by our Fort Magic company (though it appears to be a Fort Magic kit). It is being sold by an independent vendor not related to our company.  FYI.
Thank you very much,
Team Fort Magic