Halloween Haunted House Fort

Posted October 21, 2023 by Fort Magic


One of the best things about the holidays is spending time together as a family creating memories and traditions that we’ll cherish forever.  Sometimes it can be difficult to stop our busy schedules to plan meaningful events that our children are sure to enjoy.  Here at Fort Magic, we make it a goal to inspire …

Outdoor Fort Building Sensory Play Ideas

Posted October 15, 2023 by Fort Magic

sensory fort

Think back to your childhood, and what do you remember the most? Do you remember getting up early on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons? Do you remember the biscuits grandma used to make and how they smelled? What about the neighborhood kids all gathering around your house and leaving the bikes in the yard? The …

Summertime Learning Made Easy With STEM Fort Kits

Posted September 25, 2023 by Fort Magic

summertime learning fort

Summertime is here, the kids are sleeping in some, running around and playing outside, soaking up the sunshine, and enjoying the sweet outdoors. A break from school is needed for kids but as parents, we often worry they may forget some of the things they have learned over the course of the school year. You …

Bedtime Becomes Magical With A Fort Magic Kit

Posted August 28, 2023 by Fort Magic

fort kit for bedtime

Are you tired of the nightly struggle that comes with telling your children it is time for bed? The cries, then “I need to go to the bathroom,” and the “one last book, mom.” Is every night a different reason to stay up and not climb in bed? Let Fort Magic’s fort building kit help …

Big Kids STEM Learning With Backyard Forts

Posted July 23, 2023 by Fort Magic

kids stem learning

Summertime is here, the kids are out of school, the weather is great, and the kids are screaming they are bored. What now? The idea of watching another movie does not sound appealing. You are not really in the mood to visit the local park, and the kids are getting antsier by the minute. Fort …

Large-Size Fort Building Kits Inspire Hours Of STEM Play

Posted June 25, 2023 by Fort Magic

large-size fort

STEM is a word you hear everywhere when you have kids. You have seen toys that help with STEM development, probably heard it on television, and read about it in magazines. Your child’s teacher has also most likely stressed the importance of STEM development in your child’s learning. But how can you get your kids …

STEM Fort Building Inspires Young Female Engineers

Posted June 18, 2023 by Fort Magic

female engineers

Fort Magic fort building kits are fun for all ages and are used to teach STEM learning to both boys and girls. STEM is a buzzword in the educational field you may have heard lately. It stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM skills help your children become creators, innovators, thinkers, and problem solvers. …

Rainy Day Indoor Fort Building Ideas

Posted June 11, 2023 by Fort Magic

kids fort building

The weather outside is gloomy, you can see the storm clouds rolling in, hear the thunder in the distance, and feel the rain droplets coming down. The kids are already antsy and full of energy. Running around the house, jumping on the furniture, and driving you crazy is not the best idea. You really want …

50 STEM Building Ideas Using Your Fort Magic Kit

Posted June 4, 2023 by Fort Magic

fort building ideas

Fort building is an activity kids of all ages enjoy.  When you buy a Fort Magic Kit, you get a full kit that is geared towards younger children as well as kids up to age 12! Along with providing hours of fun, Fort Magic kits are an award-winning toy that gets your kids thinking, creating, …

Large-Size Fort Kits Inspire Hours of Creativity

Posted May 21, 2023 by Fort Magic

large size fort kits

Fort Magic Building kits are one of the best build and play fort kits that can allow your children to have fun while learning about basic building techniques. Fort building has always been a fun and simple way to involve the whole family on a rainy day or a hot summer day. Dragging all the …

Kids Creative Crafting Ideas With The Fort Magic Kit

Posted April 23, 2023 by Fort Magic

School is almost out for the summer and finding something to do with the kids home every day can be a bit overwhelming. Below we will give you a few fun and creative ways to build forts using our Fort Magic kits and keep your kids entertained all summer long. Imagine sitting outside enjoying a …

Homeschooling Ideas For Kids 6 - 12 With Fort Magic

Posted April 16, 2023 by Fort Magic

  As the school year is winding down and you have to make a decision on whether to send your kids back to school or not.  The answer may not be a simple and easy one for most families. Listening to all the lectures and podcasts you can online, reading up on all the books, …

STEM Fort Building Goes Next Level With Fort Magic

Posted April 9, 2023 by Fort Magic

stem fort building

Teaching your kids tough subjects is never easy but if you can make learning fun your kids are more likely to retain the knowledge. Having your kids engaged in entertaining activities can help them learn naturally. Fort building with our Fort Magic Kit is a perfect way to have kids work on their STEM skills …

6 Ways To Inspire The Imagination With Fort Building

Posted April 2, 2023 by Fort Magic

imaginative fort building

Our children are born with strong imaginations and an instinct to be creative. As they grow older, however, they are exposed to more structured and standardized ways of living and tend to lose a little of that creativity and imagination. So, how can we as parents encourage our kids to think outside the box? To …

Fort Building Ideas To Teach Politeness & Good Manners

Posted March 26, 2023 by Fort Magic

fort ideas manners

Manners, something every kid has. Some good and some bad, but they are there. Are you looking for an easier way to teach your kids how to be polite and how to learn good manners? Here at Fort Magic, we know that teaching manners can be tricky, especially when your kids have outside influences that …