10 Reasons to Build Forts and How to Make Learning Through Play More Fun

Posted December 30, 2015 by Fort Magic

As a parent, you know why it’s important for your children to do activities like reading books, make artwork, and use their imaginations. At Fort Magic, we believe that it’s also important to let your children build forts! There are some excellent skills your kids can learn from building forts, and they’ll have so much fun in the process. Here are 10 reasons to build forts and how to make learning through play more fun.

learning through play

learning through play

1. Kids Will Discover Their Inner Engineer While Learning Through Play

The problem solving, creative thinking, and cooperation required to build forts embody the basics of engineering. You’ll see your children’s minds work right before your eyes as they assemble their fort building kit.

learning through play

2. Fort Building Gives Kids Hours of Entertainment

Sometimes you buy your kids a toy thinking they’ll play with it for hours, but they discard it after ten minutes. You won’t experience that with an Indoor Fort Building Kit from Fort Magic. There are endless ways to put together a fort, and once the fort is assembled, your kids will then get to create a new world inside their fort. Rainy days, snow days, and too-hot summer days meet their match with a fort building kit.

learning through play

3. Kids May Find a New Career Path

We all know kids can change their mind about what they want to be when they grow up 100 times, but there are some things they do as a kid that can stick with them into adulthood. One of the benefits of learning through play while building forts is that it can teach the basic ideas of architecture, engineering, geometry, and design, and the enjoyment of this process can give your child an idea of what he or she wants to be in the future.

learning through play

4. Fort Building Requires Imagination

If your kids build an airplane with their indoor fort building kit, it’s not going to all of a sudden take off into flight. That’s where their imagination comes in! Kids will envision worlds they’ve never seen and go on journeys from their wildest imaginations when they build forts.

learning through play

5. Fort Making Is Physical Play

With all of the technology available to kids today, it can be hard to get them off of the couch to do some physical activity. Present them with an indoor fort building kit, and they might not sit down for hours! Physical play is important for your kid’s development, and playing with fort building kits can help pave a healthy and active future.

learning through play

6. Kids Learn Cooperation While Learning Through Play

If two or more kids build a fort together but don’t actually “work together,” the fort probably won’t stand for long. Building a sturdy and functioning fort requires cooperation between the builders, and this skill will be needed their whole lives. This is one of the benefits of learning through play as they will need to learn to cooperate with others for the rest of their lives.

learning through play

7. Fort Building Shows That Hard Work Pays Off

It’s so fun for kids (and adults) to see the finished product of their hard work, and indoor fort building gives kids a chance to see what their focus and dedication can make.

learning through play

8. Mom and Dad Can Play-Along

Fort building is fun for the whole family, and the kids may need mom and dad’s help sometimes. You’ll enjoy constructing a fort almost as much as your children do, and they’ll love that their mom and dad are spending some quality time with them while learning through play with you.

9. Fort Building Enhances Creativity and Language Development

Your kids will challenge themselves to see who can build the most extravagant designs, and the play that happens after the fort is built will be from their creative thinking. Plus, a recent New York Times article revealed how traditional toys, such as building toys, may beat electronic gadgets in language development.

10. Fort Building Is FUN!

Parents know how fun forts can be when they are merely constructed from just some blankets and chairs. With Fort Magic’s Fort Building Kits, kids can take fort building to a whole new level of fun, plus experience all of the other benefits of building forts. What’s not to love?

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learning through play

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