10 Reasons Why Fort Magic Is the Coolest Kids Fort Ever

Posted January 16, 2019 by Fort Magic

Of all the products out there for kids, you may be wondering if a fort building kit is just another thing that’s going to sit in the closet, unused? Our fans say otherwise! We did our research and spent some time brainstorming to come up with the top 10 reasons why Fort Magic is so well-loved by our customers. Besides the fact that it’s pretty much the coolest kids fort ever, we assure you that you’ll have no regrets buying one of our fort building kits! Read on for our reasons why.


1. Fabric Clips

Our popular fabric clips come with every kit! These convenient clips make it easy to use almost any material to cover your forts. The clips won’t damage your materials, so you can feel comfortable using bedsheets, blankets, or any other fabric or paper you have laying around the house. Easy peasy.

Creating Family Memories With Forts 1

2. Easy Clean Up

With Fort Magic, you can spend the whole day turning the living room into a fort, but at the end of the day, you’ll spend only a few short minutes cleaning up. All of the pieces quickly break down and can easily be stored in a small bag. It’s hours of fun without an hour of clean-up! Plus, kids love to help with this one, so you most likely won’t be cleaning it up alone.

3. Easy Storage

One of the best parts about our Fort Magic kit is how compact it is. It can be used to create huge structures, but when you’re done playing, it breaks down to be small enough to slide under your bed in a storage bag or container. This is a great feature if you don’t have a lot of space for a permanent playhouse.

Creating Family Memories With Forts 3

4. Use Any Material

With the fabric clips included with your kit, you can use any material you want to cover your fort. Some of the more popular choices are bed sheets, play scarves, and colored cellophane. You can even use craft paper if your kids decide they want to paint their forts by hand!

Creating Family Memories With Forts 2

5. Cultivates Imagination

There is no better way to get the creative juices flowing than to set out a bunch of our Fort Magic sticks and connectors and see what your kids come up with. Once they create even one thing themselves, it’ll give them the confidence to see what they can come up with time and time again. And, if they don’t like how their fort is coming together, it’s so easy to twist and pull apart the pieces and start all over with a new idea.

Creating Family Memories With Forts 4

6. Hands-On Learning

Studies show that one of the best ways for kids to learn while building their confidence is with hands-on learning. Introduce Fort Magic to this concept by spending the day learning about a subject (astronomy, engineering, sketching, etc.), then building something together that goes along with that subject. Examples include structures such as an art studio with canvas walls or an observatory with star stickers on the ceiling, shaped like constellations. The possibilities are endless!

Creating Family Memories With Forts 5

7. Use One Product to Create 100’s of Things

Every kit comes with a design manual that includes at least 16 different designs, which can be modified to create an unlimited number of possibilities. We have seen some pretty clever ideas from those who have purchased our kits. One day, your child can build a playhouse – and when they are tired of that the next day, they can build a castle, or maybe even a drum set. With Fort Magic, your child can literally create whatever they can imagine!

8. Suitable for Any Age

The simple technology of our fort makes it so anyone can help build a fort. Simply twist and push to put the pieces together or twist and pull to take them apart. Older kids can help design the forts and younger kids can help hand you pieces. And don’t worry, parents. We already know that adults love building forts too. Don’t be afraid to be a kid again!

Creating Family Memories With Forts 6

9. Fun Way to Spend Time with Your Kids

We all want to spend more time with our kids, but it can be difficult to come up with an activity that both you and your children will equally enjoy. Building a fort creates hours of fun for everyone, especially when there are so many adventures to be had!

Creating Family Memories With Forts 7

10. Long-Lasting and Durable

Our kits have gone through rigorous safety testing to make sure it’s safe for your children to use. Beyond taking the proper safety precautions, we design our fort building kits to bring you long-lasting quality. We know kids tend to be rough on things, so we sought out all the ways to make sure your kit lasts through all of your indoor and outdoor endeavors in the years to come.

Creating Family Memories With Forts 8


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