10 Ways To Build Confidence In Children With Fort Magic

Posted November 29, 2018 by Fort Magic

Any parent will tell you that one thing they hope for is a successful future for their children. You can be a part of that bright future by equipping your children with empowerment and confidence. Here are 10 surprising ways fort building with Fort Magic can give your children a bright future.

Learn from their Mistakes

In school, kids either get a passing or failing grade, but with fort building there’s no A to strive for. They are simply using the tools available to them to see what they can come up with. Often times, it’s the mistakes that lead them onto something greater than they imagined.

Not Afraid of Failure

Children who are exposed to this type of hands-on learning become less afraid of failure. They see failure more as a stepping stone to building something greater. They take a risk and if it doesn’t work the way they wanted, they can keep trying different pieces until they get the outcome they were looking forward.

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Pride in their Accomplishments

It doesn’t matter how ugly or how perfect the fort turns out, your children will be proud of their accomplishment. They took a bunch of pieces and turned them into something and that is what builds their confidence.

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Feel Like they are Part of Something

It’s not about how well your child creates something, but more about the process. You child will take tools that are completely foreign at first and use them to make something. They will feel empowered as they see their fort taking shape.

You Create an Equal Learning Environment

It doesn’t matter if you can’t spell or you are horrible at math, fort building makes it an even playing field. Children with all abilities can come together and equally take part in working towards a goal. Often, test scores can lower kids’ self-esteem. But, making something with their very own hands will build their confidence and empower them in other areas of life.


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Encourage Leadership Skills

If you give your children a common goal to work towards, you will find that they start encouraging each other. The kids that are more inclined to be the dreamers will come up with the design. Your future little engineer will step forward to suggest different building options that might work to create their fort.

Learn How to Work with Others

One of the best things about building forts is that each child gets to use their natural talents and abilities to help the group effort. Those naturally inclined toward design and leadership will be the ones that fall into the fort design. The children that have an engineer’s mind might be the ones who guide the other kids on the fort building process. They get to all work together on one fun project and enjoy the outcome.

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Encourage Creative Thinking

The entire process from design to creating a fort will enhance your child’s creative thinking skills. They can have fun designing anything their minds can come up with and then seeing if they can build it.

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Empower them with Problem Solving Skills

When it comes to building forts, there’s no right way to do it. This type of activity empowers children to think outside of the box to come up with solutions. They know their goal; they just have to find out how to get there.

Increase Test Scores

Studies show that children who participate in this type of hands-on learning at least once a week had higher test scores. If you do have a child who’s concerned about their test scores, let them have some fun fort building daily. The higher test scores might just be the trick to increase their confidence levels.

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