24" Craft Paper Forts

Posted October 9, 2018 by Fort Magic

In this day and age when so many kids are spending their time staring at screens, we often wonder if the creativity is still there. Creativity and role-playing through pretend play is a crucial part of any childhood. What better way to bring their creativity back than with papercraft fort building.


When you use paper, not only do your kids get the hands-on experience of building the structure but they also get to further their creativity by painting whatever they like. You can set out paints, glue, beads, stickers, crayers, markers, and glitter and then sit back and allow them to paint whatever their imagination comes up with.

An added bonus is that our fabric clips that come with every kit work with most paper too. You can collaborate on design ideas with your kids or let them run the show. The best part is if you don’t like your design, simply replace the paper and you get a clean slate.


Have you ever gone to bed, exhausted from the day, but unable to sleep because of your overwhelming guilt that you didn’t spend enough time with your kids that day? You can end the mom guilt today because what better way to spend time with your kids than seeing what you can construct with paper forts. You can look up design inspirations online and see what you can come up with.

Maybe you want to learn more about castles or challenge yourself and see if you can construct a famous building in your area. The best part about using paper is how versatile it is. You can turn your creation into anything with paint!

24-craft-paper-forts-2 24-craft-paper-forts-3

Pick a topic that you and your children want to learn about. Let’s say that the topic is the ocean ecosystem. You can go to the library and pick up all the books you can find on the ocean.

First, you can look over the books together and learn about how animals live in the ocean and what it looks like under the water. Next, see if you can construct an aquarium with our fort building kit, your ideas might be different depending on the different types of animals and plants you want to learn about. Lastly, cover your fort in paper and blue lights for an extra aquarium look and paint it with colorful fish and coral that you might have learned in the resources from the library.


We can’t think of a better covering for a rocket ship than paper. Get out the rolls of wrapping paper, butcher paper, and art paper and start preparing your ship for blast off. What’s even better about the paper is that you can paint it for that custom paint job.

You can also poke holes in the paper and pop LED lights through to create a starry backdrop. Or, add red LED’s at the bottom to make for a more realistic rocket ship. After they draw and paint all the dials necessary for space travel, add some LED’s to make their cockpit ready for the countdown.

24-craft-paper-forts-5 24-craft-paper-forts-6 24-craft-paper-forts-7

Any parent can tell you the best way to end nonstop fighting amongst your kids is to have them work together on something as a team. If you have gotten to a point in your house where it just seems like there is endless division, bring them together to build a paper fort. Supply them with one of our Fort Magic kits, the paper, and supplies to decorate, then let them get to work collaborating on an idea. Soon, the bickering will fade into the past as they set to work figuring out who is the best artist and who has an engineer’s mind.


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