25+ Creative Building Ideas With Fort Magic

Posted September 29, 2018 by Fort Magic

Kids love to play pretend and imagine they are somewhere else. Their imaginations can take them anywhere. They may be in a far away land on an adventure or in their favorite fairy tale from a storybook. Fort Magic will go wherever their imagination takes them. Here are some building ideas to get you started.


  1. 25-Creative-Building-Ideas-Facebook Teepees will take kids back to the old west. Pretending to be Cowboys and Indians is fun for everyone.
  2. A beautiful princess carriage lets your child pretend they are headed to a formal ball just like Cinderella.
  3. Adding lots of colors and twinkling lights brings magic to any fort.
  4. Build a relaxing reading nook for kids to enjoy and let imaginations run free with books.

Forts With Lights

  1. Movie night forts bring everyone close to enjoy time together and a warm cup of hot cocoa.
  2. With Fort Magic, have fun exploring under the sea with Nemo and his friends.
  3. Forts made into Batman’s Bat Cave or another favorite superhero lair offers a place to plan to save the world.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 3

  1. Imagine blasting off into outer space in a rocket designed by only the best.
  2. County fair bumper cars and games are sure to be a fun night with a friend.
  3. Host a tea party with friends in the garden gazebo.
  4. Build a glider to soar through the sky like a bird, or pretend its a flying dragon to inspire a sky adventure.
  5. Construct a store with Fort Magic to shop for all the items on your list.
  6. Imagine being a baker at a popular bakery in a big city.

Colorful Forts

  1. Imagine sailing the seven seas as a pirate looking for gold on a deserted island.
  2. Using colored plastic creates a beautiful stained glass house for everyone to enjoy.
  3. A hideout made from Fort Magic will keep you in the shade on hot summer days.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 6

  1. Forts filled with games and other activities bring enjoyment to a rainy day.
  2. Make a track or court with Fort Magic pieces for fun sports activities.
  3. Tunnel forts that lead to a secret spy hideout filled with lots of spy gadgets is a childhood favorite.
  4. Add lights to any fort so you can sleep under the stars.
  5. Build an ice castle for Elsa and Anna to explore.
  6. Filled with pillows and blankets, bed forts are a must.

Castle Forts

  1. Transform a Fort Magic fort into a nail salon to pamper all your friends.
  2. Construct an obstacle course Fort Magic pieces for the whole family to enjoy.
  3. Beat the heat. Build a bike wash to ride through on a hot summer day.
  4. Paper covered forts allow kids to personalize the fort to fit their personality.
  5. A castle is a must to entertain all the princes and princesses.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 8

Building creative forts with Fort Magic brings the whole family together. With all of these great ideas, your kids will enjoy hours of fun. Have you designed any unique fort building you would like to share? Share your ideas with us below!

Teepee Forts




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Sleeping Fort


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