5 Reasons To Build Teepee Forts

Posted September 11, 2015 by Fort Magic

Everyone loves a good Teepee fort. 🙂 Today we are sharing 5 super-fun reasons why your family should build this classic fort design today.5 Reasons To Build Teepee – Facebook

Reason #1

Teepee Forts Make An Awesome Playtime Activity.

Today we’re sharing two of our favorite mom blogs fabulous Fort Magic Teepee forts for playtime. Play At Home Mom blog and Surviving A Teacher’s Salary blog have created some pretty amazing and easy-to-do examples of awesome Teepee forts with their Fort Magic kits!  You’ll find building, decorating and playing in your very own Teepee fort is just the type of playtime activity your kids will love – for hours and hours of play.

Reason #2

Teepee Forts Are Easy To Cover In Lights.

Imagination has no limit when it comes to playing in and decorating your Teepee fort designs.  You could use Christmas lights, you could use garden lights, your could even use glow sticks.  Throw on some sheets using your Fort Magic fabric clips … and wallah, a tremendous starry delight your kids will fall in love with.  Below is Play At Home Mom’s awesome Fort Magic “Starry Cave” fort.  Sooo cool.  🙂

Teepee Forts 1


Reason #3

Teepee Forts Are Awesome For Sleepovers Or Nap Time.

Bedtime, nap time or anytime … a decorated Teepee fort will enchant your children’s dreams with sweet lullabies and laughter for sure.

Teepee Forts 2

Teepee Forts 3

Reason #4

Teepee Forts Are Perfect For Kid-Hideouts.

Grab the walkie-talkies!  Your Teepee fort can quickly and easily become the perfect hideaway for hours of imaginative play.

Teepee Forts 4


Reason #5

Teepee Forts Are Fun For Learning, Reading Or Exploring History.

Homework time a chore?  Not when you theme-out your awesome Teepee fort design!. Grab the paints and some old sheets and you can transform any educational topic into a 3D canvas of learning.

Teepee Forts 5



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Photo Credits:

Play At Home Mom Blog:  This super-amazing blog is definitely one of our favorites.  Loaded with fun ideas for DIY playtime, with an always-present educational spin.

Surviving A Teacher’s Salary Blog:  Education + Fun is definitely the focus of this creative mom blog.  Checkout all of the cool DIY playtime posts for kids.