50+ Fort Magic Building Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Posted January 9, 2020 by Fort Magic

Fort Magic is an award-winning toy that gets your kids thinking, creating, and learning! Your kids can go on endless adventures with just one fort building kit. Here are 50 ideas to inspire your kids to have fun and create.

fun fort1. Build a winter ice cave or igloo for some indoor learning fun.

2. Create a life-size gingerbread house to use for Christmas decor and for the kids to have fun during the holidays.

3. Set up a Santa’s workshop and have your kids make gifts for everyone for Christmas.

4. Create a post office and have the kids practice writing letters and learn how to properly address an envelope.

5. Set up a craft fort so the kids can have indoor fun.

6. Learn about science in lab fort.

7. Build a winter fun fort and host an indoor snowball fight.

8. Set up a treat fort with hot chocolate, caramel apple cider, and egg nog.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 2

9. Create a lemonade stand for the kids to sell refreshing drinks during the hot summer days.

10. Turn the lemonade stand into a snow cone station.

11. Host a neighborhood water balloon fight with a Playhouse fort as your base.

12. Set up a fort at the park to provide shade and a cool place to hand out and read books. 

13. Teach kids about the outdoors in a nature fort where they can collect items from nature and then inspect them with magnifying glasses.

14. Create an obstacle course in the front yard with a fort building kit.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 3

15. Turn the obstacle course into your own splash pad with misters and sprayers.

16. Create a car wash station and encourage all the neighborhood kids to bring their bikes and other outdoor toys to be washed.

17. Learn about sea life with a submarine fort.

18. Learn about outer space with a rocket ship fort.

19. Create your own indoor aquarium with an aquarium fort and fun props such as large painted fish, glow sticks, and green crepe paper for seaweed.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 4

20. Host an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party in your tea party fort.

21. Build a restaurant fort and have the kids take your order, make your food, and serve you.

22. Have a girly day with an indoor spa fort complete with facial scrubs, foot massages, and nail painting!

23. Host a birthday party in your fort.

24. Help your kids learn about animal care in their pet hospital fort.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 5

25. Cover your fort in paper or white fabric and let the kids turn it into a work of painted art.

26. Cover the fort in a shower curtain so you can hose the paint off and use it over and over.

27. Set up a tent fort in the backyard and have a fun outdoor sleepover in the fort with your kids.

28. Build a boat fort and have fun taking the kids deep sea fishing with their fishing poles.

29. Build a Playhouse fort outside and leave the top open so you can cuddle up with blankets and pillows and look at the stars.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 6

30. Let your kids’ creativity flow and have them build their own fort designs.

31. Set up a butterfly house fort and grow butterflies from caterpillars.

32. Learn about plants by setting up a potting station fort.

33. Cover your fort in thick, clear plastic to use as a greenhouse for all the freshly planted seeds.

34. Encourage summer reading by building a reading fort in the backyard.

35. Use a fort building kit to create soccer goals for an outdoor game of soccer.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 7

36. Build a treehouse fort so the kids can have a summer clubhouse.

37. Set up a dog grooming station and have the kids earn some extra money grooming the neighbor’s dogs.

38. Get all the neighbors together and host a summer BBQ/potluck in the front yard.

39. Build a fort over your child’s bed and line with white lights to create a cozy reading space before bed.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 8

40. Build a teepee inside and have a sleepover in the living room with your kids.

41. Enjoy a day at the racetrack with race car forts.

42. Have a fun Star Wars-themed day with an X-wing fighter fort.

43. Spend a day at the carnival with a Ferris wheel fort filled with all your favorite carnival snacks such as elephant ears and caramel apples. You can build a separate fort to enjoy carnival games.

44. Extend learning into summer by creating a fort that goes along with what you’re learning and spend the day inside of the fort reading all the books you got on the topic.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 9

45. Build a fort over your child’s sandbox to provide shade while they build their sand creations.

46. Encourage your little princess with a horse and carriage fort. Have her dress up in her favorite princess costume as her charming prince takes her away in the carriage.

47. Build a pirate ship fort and let your kids sail around to all the clues you leave behind until they find the treasure box full of booty.

48. Teach your kids about math and budgeting with a grocery store fort.

49. Build a woodworking fort and set up tables on the inside for your kids to create wood crafts with hammers, nails, and pieces of wood.

50. Set up a daycare center for the kids to nurture all the baby dolls.

50 Kids' Fort Ideas 10

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