50 Inspiring Fort Designs and Ideas for Kids and Families

Posted May 28, 2016 by Fort Magic

Whether you choose to play inside, outside, or upside down, Fort Magic kits provide you with the tools for endless adventure and great memories. Check out these 50 fort designs and ideas for kids.

Fort ideas for kids

1. Create a lemonade stand out of Fort Magic pieces to teach business skills to your kids.

2. Cool kids off as they drive wheeled bikes, scooters, and skateboards through a fun car wash fort.

3. Paper the walls of a fort. Provide brushes, paint, oil pastels, and more to explore the arts with the whole family.

4. Encourage creativity as kids search the outdoors for natural elements to decorate an all-natural fort.

5. Build plane, train, and automobile homemade forts, and cruise the yard.

Fort ideas for kids

6. Deep-sea dive the underwater world with the boat and submarine fort building designs.

7. Memorable kids’ birthday celebrations include an indoor fort filled with balloons, gifts, or friends.

8. If spring has sprung, break out the Fort Magic kit to create energy-releasing outdoor forts decorated with handcrafted flowers and butterflies.

9. Are your lights out from a thunderstorm? Try building a blanket fort, grab the flashlights, and play shadow games with our designs.

10. Forts make the perfect and personalized playhouse for kid’s indoor tea parties and kitchen play. You can find the Fort Magic full kit here!

Fort ideas for kidsFort ideas for kids

11. Knights and princesses alike dream of fairy tale adventures in a castle fort. Remember the horse and carriage!

12. Teepees draw kids of all ages, and our tepee fort designs are the perfect way to bring more smiles when a canoe fort is added.

13. Pirates sail the seven seas for days when you make ship-shaped forts. Eye patches required!

14. Grab fishing poles made of sticks and string to add to a boat, ship, or canoe fort adventure.

15. Glow-in-the-dark star and planet stickers combined with constellation books allow kids to create star formations on the ceiling of a planetarium inspired fort.

Fort ideas for kids

16. Warm, clear nights provide the perfect backdrop for stargazing from the comfort of a Fort Magic homemade fort. Just leave a window at the top of your outdoor fort building kit for sky viewing.

17. Design a rocket fort for your young astronaut. 3-2-1 Blast Off!

18. Space pods and alien ships are great fort ideas for kids to boast adventures in outer space exploration.

19. Race cars created with Fort Magic components make for a great day at the track.

20. A cafe fort with tables out front becomes the perfect place to serve a light lunch or snacks.

Fort ideas for kids

21. Colored cellophane sheets covering a fort base create a magical stained glasshouse.

22. Clear sheets of cellophane covering a basic fort form bring life to a greenhouse. Add potted flowers, a sandbox, or get dirt for nurturing plants, mud pies, and imaginations.

23. Giant candy canes and peppermint candies crafted from pool noodles inspire a fort that looks like a gingerbread house.

24. A treehouse grows as Fort Magic forts are built to encircle a tree trunk.

25. Move bins of blocks into any shape outdoor or indoor play fort for hours of creative play.

Fort ideas for kids

26. Create a construction zone complete with Fort Magic components. Grab hard hats and get to constructing.

27. A cave fort leads to exploration. Add stalactites and stalagmites for greater learning.

28. Hidden doorways and funky mirrors turn any fort into a carnival funhouse.

29. Have a budding interior designer? A fort provides the perfect canvas for inspiring decorators.

30. Encourage STEM skills by structuring engineering feats through fort building.

Fort ideas for kids

31. Check out architecture books for inspiration and recreate basic themes in your fort.

32. Find picture books of world-famous buildings and let them inspire your fort creation.

33. Make forts in the shape of triangles, circles, squares, and more. Learning shapes could not be more fun!

34. Use cellophane, foil, bubble wrap, white plastic sheeting, fun fur fabric, and more to cover a fort for an exciting sensory exploration experience.

35. Twinkle lights add magic to Fort Magic forts. Lanterns, flashlights, and the like also light it up. Using these with our blanket fort designs will be magical.

Fort ideas for kids

36. Curtains, sheers, tablecloths, bedsheets, lightweight blankets, cellophane sheets, foil, bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, butcher or art paper, streamers, and more make great fort coverings.

37. Giving kids the freedom to create freestyle forts builds confidence and problem-solving skills.

38. Add the garden hose or a slip and slide feature to any outdoor fort building kit for cool water play.

39. Fort canopies protect sandbox and kiddie pool games from the heat and sun.

40. Fort tunnels and hoops inspire obstacle course competitions.

Fort ideas for kids

41. Soccer goals, basketball hoops, and more created from Fort Magic pieces get kids in the game.

42. Pull out the family’s favorite board games and gather in the fort for family game night.

43. Movies take on a new magic when viewed from inside a fort. Remember the popcorn!

44. Giggles, stories, and pranks mark childhood fort slumber parties. Send out the invites today!

45. Grab lanterns and sleeping bags. Head to the backyard for a camping adventure.

Fort ideas for kids

46. Parents, join your kids inside the fort. Entering their world instantly creates valuable family time.

47. Forts created on beds provide a place kids are eager to snuggle into at bedtime.

48. Tepees, playhouses, and twinkle light forts all provide a cozy retreat for reading. Add library books and even a book light to encourage bookworms.

49. Line up the Fort Magic kits and the contestants. Start the timer and host a Fort Building Challenge.

50. Gather the community. Each family creates a fort and kids can play, adventure, and explore together in a neighborhood fort community.

We hope you and your children have some amazing adventures with these 50 fort ideas for kids!

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Fort ideas for kids

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