50 STEM Building Ideas Using Your Fort Magic Kit

Posted June 4, 2023 by Fort Magic

Fort building is an activity kids of all ages enjoy.  When you buy a Fort Magic Kit, you get a full kit that is geared towards younger children as well as kids up to age 12! Along with providing hours of fun, Fort Magic kits are an award-winning toy that gets your kids thinking, creating, and learning! A kit can also teach them the important aspects of STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Your kids will learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and communication with each other. If your kids get bored this summer they can go on endless adventures with just one of our fort building kits. We have compiled a list of 50 STEM fort building ideas to help inspire your kids this summer and even on into the fall and winter months. 

fort building ideas1. Tired of the heat? Build an igloo or ice cave to cool off indoors and read information on Eskimos.

2. Kids love Christmas and will celebrate year long. Have them build a life-size gingerbread house complete with milk and cookies. 

3. Set up a workspace for kids to design gifts for other family members. This workspace can be for birthdays, Christmas, just because gifts, or even Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

4. Build a post office fort. Practice letter writing and how to address envelopes and mail them off together.

5. Craft fort complete with a basket full of craft supplies.

6. Lab forts are a great way to try out simple science experiments or even make some slime. 

7. Winter fort complete with indoor snow fight. Looking to make snowballs? Try crumbling up some white paper really tight.

8. Build a treat fort, complete with a small table and chairs and the kid’s favorite treats. Try some cookies and juice or even a cupcake with some milk.

fort building ideas

9. Make a lemonade stand for all your neighbors and give out a refreshing treat.

10. Running out of lemonade? Try making snow cones to share instead.

11. Get all the neighborhood kids involved with a water balloon fight. Make a home base fort, for kids to refill their balloons and get a small break.

12. Book fort, a place the kids can come and read a book and even share books with friends. Set it up outside and under a pretty tree. Add some pillows and blankets. 

13. Have the kids each collect items from nature. Could be a leaf, flower, stick, bugs, or anything they find interesting. Bring into the nature fort and inspect each item with a magnifying glass and talk about the importance of them to nature. 

14. Need to burn off some energy? Build a fort obstacle course and see who can complete it the fastest. 

fort building ideas

15. Kids enjoying the course? Change into bathing suits and add a sprinkler or two, now you have a fort splash pad.

16. Build a car wash fort and have the kids wash all the bikes and outdoor toys they can find. Encourage the neighborhood kids to join in. 

17. A submarine fort and a book about sea life are great for rainy day adventures. 

18. Kids love outer space. Let them build a rocket ship with an alien to complete it. Then discuss the different planets and the moon. 

19. Create an underwater fort. have the kids draw fish and sea life to play with along with green streamers for seaweed and rocks for coral.

fort building ideas

20. Host a tea party in a fort complete with Sunday best as clothing and some cheap china. 

21. Have the kids build a make-believe restaurant fort. they can make play menus and play serve you with their food creations. 

22. Everyone loves a spa day? Create a fort centered around spa day. Add in some facials, foot massages, nail painting, and spending time in your robes.   

23. Make the birthday kid a special birthday fort. Complete with a birthday banner and cards the whole family drew. 

24. Help your kids with pet care. Make a pet hospital fort with books on how to take care of your pets. 

fort building ideas

25. Make a fort covered in white paper and let the kids create works of art all over the inside and outside. 

26. Another way to create an art fort is to cover it in plastic and let the kids paint and rinse off with a hose to have fun over and over.

27. Want to teach the kids about the stars and astrology? Set up an outside fort tent and spend time under the stars.  

28. Grab a few fishing poles, some magnets, and some paper fish with magnets on them. Build a boat fort and go fishing.  Kids of all ages will love to see what they can catch.

29. Playhouse fort that everyone can enjoy outside. Leave a roof off and enjoy the clouds, rainbows, and even the night sky. Talk about the different weather conditions. 

fort building ideas

30. Let your kids pick a design out of the design book or create something of their own? Who can build the biggest fort?

31. Kids will love learning the lifecycle of a caterpillar and butterfly. Set up a butterfly fort, complete with books and pictures about the different stages. See if you can find caterpillars or butterflies in the yard to discuss and observe. 

32. Have kids help in the yard by setting up a plant potting fort. have them repot flowers or garden plants. 

33. Make a greenhouse out of a fort by using thick clear plastic and seeing if you can grow seeds inside. 

34. Make a reading fort inside or out and encourage your kids to read more books. 

35. Fort Magic kits can also build soccer goals. Build some goals and have a fun family game of soccer. 

fort building ideas

36. Have a treehouse platform in a tree? Add a fort on the platform and make a treehouse fort. 

37.  Need to give the dogs a bath? Have the kids set up a dog washing fort? Add some dog wash, a hose, and towels.

38. Call all the neighbor kids and have everyone build a fort community to play in the yard with. Let them share snacks and drinks with each other. 

39. Over-the-bed forts are great for small kids who still like a little light at night. Add a string of lights inside and they have a great place to curl up and sleep. 

fort building ideas

40. Build a teepee inside the house and have the kids learn about the Indians and their way of life. 

41. Enjoy a day at the racetrack with race car forts and some drawn-out roads. 

42. Have a fun Star Wars-themed day with an X-wing fighter fort. Complete with your favorite Star Wars costumes and toys. 

43. Spend a day at the carnival with a fort centered around carnival games. Add in some candy apples, cotton candy, and elephant ears, and you will think you are at the county fair. 

44. Keep the kids learning by designing a learning fort. A place they can read a new book each day and discuss what they have learned and ask you questions about topics they are interested in.

fort building ideas

45. Need to give the kids some shade while outside? Forts make great shades for the sandbox and just playing in the yard.

46. Encourage your little princess with a horse and carriage fort. Have her dress up in her favorite princess dress with her crown and have her go on an adventure in her carriage. 

47. Everyone wants to search for treasure. Hide some treasure around the house and build a pirate ship. Let the kids wear eye patches, set sail on their ship, and search for the gold.

48. Teach your kids about math with a mat fort. Add in some paper on the walls and counting cubes. Give them simple math problems to work out and see how many they get right.

49. Build a woodworking fort. Set up the fort with small wood, nails, and hammers. The kids can build small projects such as a birdhouse to put in the yard. 

50. Set up a daycare center for your little ones. Have them add their baby dolls and beds and blankets to the fort. 

fort building ideas

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