6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Holiday Fort

Posted November 23, 2018 by Fort Magic

The holidays are a magical time for children. What better way to celebrate than with Fort Magic? We have put together a guide for you this holiday season to help you construct that perfect holiday fort!

Brainstorm Your Ideas

Get the whole family together for this one! See what new ideas you can come up with as a family. How do you want your fort to look? Should it have a Christmas tree or be decorated with festive lights?

Another great idea is to come up with a holiday theme for your fort. Do you have a movie that you traditionally watch together as a family during the holidays? Or do you have a book that you read together every year? You can base your fort ideas on these traditional favorites.

sheer-curtain-fort-covers-1Choose Your Design

After the family brainstorming session, get to work on building your fort. You can pick from our many fort designs or create something all your own! One design that we recommend is the Playhouse. This versatile and simple design can be altered to go with any theme. And, of course, it provides plenty of room for all of your holiday decor or to host a family movie night!

sheer-curtain-fort-covers-2Construct Your Holiday Fort

Naturally, the engineers of the family will take over with the structural design to build a fort that won’t collapse. Then, the natural designers will come in with the perfect, coordinating fabrics for the exterior.

One of the most loved features of our kits are the fabric clips. These special clips make it so you can use any material for your fort. If you are having trouble finding fabric, you can use any sheets you have, as the clips won’t damage the material.

sheer-curtain-fort-covers-3Decorate Your Fort

If you have it available, a sheer material will be the most magical cover for your fort, especially when combined with the warm glow of holiday lights. You could consider getting a small kid-sized tree for the inside of your fort as well. They make special, miniature ornaments and small candy canes you can decorate it with. Or, you can make your own special ornaments for your holiday fort tree!

You can also have fun making paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling on the inside of your fort. Use fishing line to hang your snowflakes to make your fort more dazzling. Don’t forget to toss in your fluffy pillows and cozy blankets to cozy up with when you are all done decorating!

sheer-curtain-fort-covers-4Gather Your Themed Snacks

This is our favorite part. Gather the food! Bring in the old reliables such as hot cocoa, hot cider, popcorn, candy canes, and gingerbread cookies. Or, you can make this night really fun for the kids by creating snacks that go with the theme of your fort or movie night! The Playhouse fort is big enough that you can even set up a table in there for all your food. Are you smelling the spiced cider yet? We know we are!

sheer-curtain-fort-covers-5Enjoy Your Themed Books or Movie in Your New Fort

If you are having a themed reading night, you will have to plan ahead to get books from the library if you don’t already have them. Reading stories to your kids from your favorite books will be a fun holiday memory they will want to recreate year after year. 

If you are having a themed movie night, make sure to leave one side of your fort open to view the movie screen. Cuddle up with your soft blankets, overstuffed pillows, favorite stuffy, and get ready for the magic of the holidays!


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