7 Screen-Free Playtime Ideas With Kids Fort Building Kits

Posted January 12, 2019 by Fort Magic

One thing many parents are getting increasingly concerned about is the amount of time kids are spending on screens. If you’re looking for ideas to get your kids unplugged, then look no further. Here are 7 great ways you can use one of our Fort Magic building kits to turn playtime into endless hours of screen-free fun.

1. Bring the Outdoors Inside

When the weather isn’t cooperating, you can bring the outdoors inside! Think of some of your kids’ favorite things to do outside and use your fort kit to re-create the activity in the house.

For example, perhaps your children enjoy the thrill of fishing at the lake.  They love the excitement of possibly catching something big, baiting the hook and waiting for the eventual tug on the fishing line so they can reel it in!  If so, you can use your Fort Magic kit to build a “lake” in your living room and cover it in the fabric of your choosing (make sure your lake is high enough so you can hide underneath the fabric!)  Next, get creative with the kiddos and construct your Fort Magic boat and fishing pole with a hook using paper or cardboard, paints or markers.  You can design all kinds of fish species and bait for hooking them!  Then have the kids go fishing while you hide in the lake and take the bait and attach different surprises for them to catch!

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 1

2. Travel Anywhere Your Imagination Takes You

Your kids will love the thrill of spending the day “traveling around the world” or into outer space! Build a pirate ship and sail to undiscovered lands or fly a plane over Machu Picchu. Build a submarine to take you down to the ruins of the Titanic or ride a riverboat down the canals in Venice. You can even design a time machine to take you back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 2

3. Set Up Your Own Restaurant

Have fun designing a restaurant and coming up with a clever name for it. Make sure you outfit your restaurant with ample seating for guests, and outdoor patio seating to enjoy those warm summer evenings. You can make it even more exciting for your kids by finding or making some order pads, like they have in real restaurants.

You can be the first guest in their new restaurant as they practice taking your order and keeping your water glass full. This is a great opportunity for them to practice their math skills. If your kids are older, they can also practice their culinary skills as they cook up the “Chef’s Special” for you.

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 3

4. Create a Clubhouse

Bring out a fort building kit and let the kids design and build their own clubhouse. You can help them make a sign for the outside so everyone knows it’s their clubhouse and no parents are allowed. You can watch as they hold their own meetings and come up with rules for their new club.

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 4

5. Let the Kids Go Wild with Paint

One thing every kid loves is paint. Parents, not so much. Paint has the ability to quickly create a huge mess that’s hard and time-consuming to clean up. That’s the beauty of our fort magic kits.

You can set up a fort, such as the Playhouse design, and cover it with paper, cellophane, or an old sheet. If the weather is nice, you can do this outside, but if it’s a rainy day, then simply put down an old sheet before you start constructing your fort. Set out the paint supplies then let them paint to their heart’s content! Less mess for you, more fun for them.

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 5

6. Set Up a Lemonade Stand

A summer activity that every child loves: running their own lemonade stand. The best part about a lemonade stand made with Fort Magic is that you can set it up summer after summer, without having to store a bulky, wooden stand in the garage.

To get started, search online for photos of lemonade stands so your child can get an idea of what one looks like. Then, see if they can come up with their very own fort design to be their lemonade stand! After the fort is built, you can help set up a table behind or on the inside of the fort (depending on the type of structure) to hold the lemonade and the cups.

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 6

7. Put On a Puppet Show

Work with your child to design a puppet theatre on paper. Using this as a guide, start building your fort – you can use sheets or pillowcases for the curtains. Before the show, have your kids make sock puppets or paper bag puppets. Then, pull up a chair and watch as they put on a puppet show for you. If they are unsure, you can always entertain them with your own puppet show first and then let them take the lead!

Building Confidence With Playhouse Forts 7


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