Adventure Fort Ideas With Fort Magic

Posted November 25, 2019 by Fort Magic

If you’re starting to feel the winter blues, let Fort Magic take you on an adventure. You can use one fort building kit to go on endless indoor adventures this winter! Here are some of our ideas to get you started on making your own adventures.

1. Go On A Safari

What can be more fun than taking a trip to Africa to see all the safari animals? You can build a safari vehicle fort to transport you. Make sure you wear your safari clothes and a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

You can make this fun by using big paper to paint pictures of all the animals you would see in Africa. Attach them to the walls or if you have time, you can glue the pictures to cardboard and cut them out to help them stand on their own. Place them around your safari vehicle. You can get creative here and include other items you might use on a safari adventure such as binoculars.

2. Explore the Marianas Trench

The Marianas Trench is so far down that it’s completely dark. Build a submarine fort to take you into the depths and cover it with a dark blue fabric. There are lots of creatures down there that seem to glow in the dark. You can paint the inside of your fort with dots of glow in the dark paint to create the same effect.

You can also cut out different species of fish you’d see down there such as an Angler Fish. Attach a glow stick to the front of it to create the glowing light on its front that the Angler Fish uses to lure its prey in. Attach crepe paper to a balloon that you hang from the ceiling of your fort to be the giant squid that are also seen in the deep sea. 

3. Build A Tree House

For this one, you can build whatever design you want. You can create a tree trunk in the middle by rolling cardboard into the shape of a trunk. Have the kids cover it with brown construction paper or they can even paint it. If your kids are older, you can have fun adding paper mache to give it a more realistic look. After the paper mache dries, they can paint it to look like a tree.

You can also cut out leaves from green construction paper and hang them from the ceiling of the fort. Add other essential items to the treehouse such as snacks and their favorite games.

4. Build A Club House Fort

Clubhouses seem to be a necessary component of childhood. Your kids will spend hours in their new clubhouse as they attend clubhouse meetings. You can encourage their imaginations by providing supplies for them to make their own book of clubhouse rules.

They can also get the neighbors in on the fun by inviting them to join their clubhouse. They can also host weekly book club meetings in their clubhouse or other fun activities they can think of. Make sure their clubhouse is always stocked with essential childhood snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, and graham crackers with peanut butter.

5. Enjoy Some Winter Camping

The kids will love the excitement of getting to go camping in the winter. Build a fort that looks like a tent. You can gather some rocks outside and make a ring with wood for your fire. Add thin red fabric with LED lights to make it look like a fire.

Make sure you pack the ice chest with all the food you’ll need for camping. You can make indoor smores by wrapping them in tinfoil and heating them in the oven. We enjoy adding peanut butter to our smores to make them even more delicious! Set some camping chairs up outside your tent and enjoy some of your favorite family movies.

Celebrating Spring 3

6. Build A Gaming Fort

Another great indoor idea to beat the boredom is to create a day of gaming in your gaming fort. After you build your fort, stock the inside with blankets and pillows so that everyone can get comfortable. Don’t forget to include everyone’s snacks to enjoy while playing games such as popcorn and other finger foods.

Gather together your family’s favorite board games and have them ready in your fort. You might want to plan ahead to make sure you have enough games. You can spend the day enjoying each other’s company and creating memories.

Boat Fort 4

7. Go On A Pirate Adventure

Build a ship fort and whisk the family away on their own pirate adventure. You can make it more fun by preparing a treasure map ahead of time. Leave clues around the house that your kids can have fun sailing around to find. 

Prepare a treasure chest full of chocolate coins, gems, and necklaces. Hide the treasure chest at the end of the treasure hunt. Your kids can also dress up as pirates for their adventure to find the hidden treasure. You can make some fun pirate-themed snacks by creating pirate ships with apple slices with a cheese square attached for the sails. 


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