All For The Boys Reviews Fort Magic + GIVEAWAY!!!

Posted April 29, 2013 by Fort Magic

We are so excited to be part of All for the Boys during this past week!  They posted a fantastic review of our Fort Magic fort building kit and just LOVED it!!!  This is a wonderful review for us because All for the Boys is one of our favorite creative blogging sites for children and families!  Fun, fun, fun!

And, don’t let the name fool you! All for the Boys is for girls too!  If you are not yet familiar with this fantasic creative resource you simply must visit the blog page (or All for the Boys Facebook page) and see for yourself why we love them!  And, if you are a fort building lover (like us) you’ll love their weekly Fort Friday feature!  Fort Magic customers can participate and submit their amazing fort photos to share!

All For The Boys Review Fort Magic Fort Building Kit

“Are you ready to see a truly awesome fort structure kit? We are so excited to share this with you today because we love it that much!”
~ All for the  


All For The Boys Fort Magic Review 6

“My boys have made pretty much everything in the book that comes with the kit as well as numerous structures of their own inventions. This has gotten pulled out many times and that is really saying something.

One of the things we love about Fort Magic is how sturdy it is. We’ve tried other kits and they would fall apart when a dog would bruch up against it so hard. You can tell by the height of our structure that it has a bit of strength to it.”

All For The Boys Fort Magic Review 2


All For The Boys Fort Magic Review 10


“If you’re going to buy a fort kit for someone – this is the one. It comes in it’s own sturdy bag too which we love.”
~All for the

To read the full review and participate in their Fort Magic GIVEAWAY please go here:

Good luck everyone!  Thank you so much All for the Boys for your wonderful review!  We are so happy your family loves your Fort Magic kit!