Teaching Architecture For Kids 6-12 With Fort Building Kits

Posted January 15, 2021 by Fort Magic

When you were a kid, did you try to build a fort out of your bedding and chairs? Did you get frustrated because it was constantly falling? Fort Magic kits make building kits that inspire kids to tap into their creative side without worrying if their fort will fall over every few minutes.

Fort Magic Kits are a great way to teach kids about basic architecture also. Kids of all ages enjoy their own space and they will enjoy building it. Is your child looking for a reading nook, a quiet place to play, or a place for all their friends to join in on the fun? One kit can build all this and more.

Architecture fort

Teaching Architecture with Fort Building

Chances are if you ask your child what they want to be when they grow up, they probably are not going to say “an architect.” However, fort-building is a great way for kids to explore the basics of architecture without even realizing it. Architecture takes imagination and creativity to make something new using the same building materials.

The Roman architect Vitruvius has laid out three principles of good architecture that kids can learn and strive for in their fort designs. These three principles are durability, utility, and beauty. With a Fort Magic Kit, your kids will have no issues achieving these three principles.

1. Durability

Architectures need their building to have durability. This means the structures should stand up strong and stay standing. When building a fort kids will need to make sure that their fort is built strong. It needs to be able to withstand everyone playing in it as well as the covers that are used to hang on it. Kids can take their fort down and rebuild should they see it is not strong enough to meet the needs of what they are doing.

2. Utility

When architectures are designing and building a structure they have to consider what the structure will be used for and make the structure useful. the same concept can come in when building a fort. Do they want to build a small reading nook? Build the fort small but big enough for just one person, a book, and a blanket. Are they wanting to build a pirate ship? Build the fort in the shape of a ship. Maybe a hideout to play in is more their style. Let the kids think about what they want to play then build the fort to match their needs. This is called utility and making the forts useful to them and their ideas.

3. Beauty

Have you ever looked at a building or structure and thought about how pretty it was. You were admiring the beauty of the building and the thought that the architecture put into making it that way. Forts can have the same concept. Have your kid build a fort that is pretty, fun, and functional. They can search the house for covers they love and use them in their creations.Architecture fort

Older Children and Architecture

A way for older children to also learn about architecture with fort building would be to have them look at some old building they like. Discuss what they like about the building, what makes the building useful, and if they think the building is pretty. Then have the children try to recreate parts of the building or the whole building if they would like.

They can try mimicking ancient structures such as pyramids, pagodas, and The Pantheon. This will not only teach them about the ancient structures but they are also learning about architecture as well as using their critical thinking while building their forts. This is a great way to teach kids about other cultures also.  Have the children look at castles and teepees and see what they can come up with.

Architecture fort

Fun For the Whole Family

Are you still looking for ways to teach your children about architecture? How about a contest that can get the whole family involved.  Try to see who can build the craziest looking fort. Remind them they must be durable and still functional as well as crazy. Now, who can build the prettiest fort? Who has the most useful one?  When using the Fort Magic Building kit you are sure to have all the pieces you need for your family to have a fun family-friendly contest.

While the kids are playing and having fun they are also learning. They can defy the laws of gravity and get basic physics lessons all in one. Looking for more ideas? Search “buildings that defy gravity” on the internet and see what else you all can come up with. 
Architecture fort

It does not matter if your kids are learning about basic architecture designs or creating some new designs of their own, they will have fun exploring architectural building designs through forts. Buying your kids a Fort Magic Building Kit will encourage them to get creative and give them the opportunity to explore a brand new field they may not have heard about before.

Architecture fort

What A Fort Magic Kit Includes

A Fort Magic Building Kit will include everything you and your kids need to create ultimate life-size buildings. These can include big forts, small forts, castle, playhouse, car, ships, and much much more…. all with one simple kit!

A kit will include:

  • 354 piece building and construction toy kit
  • 100 fabric clips
  • 24-page glossy full-color building manual
  • Fabric covers can be purchased separately
  • storage bag and expansion packs sold separately

As if you need another reason to love Fort Magic.  Our kits are loved and endorsed by teachers, educators, and parents because they help children develop STEM skills, critical thinking, spatial intelligence, and more. They are also award-winning educational toys that will keep children on their toes and have them thinking outside the box. Watch their confidence soar and the imagination flow by getting your kid their very own kit.

Architecture fort

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