Backyard Adventure Fort - How to Have a Family Expedition at Home

Posted May 1, 2018 by Fort Magic

Spring has sprung and families across the country are heading outdoors for fun in the sun. After being indoors for months, the allure of the outdoors brings everyone outside. And one of the best ways to appreciate the great outdoors is building a backyard adventure fort! Discover how to have a family expedition without ever leaving home.

Backyard Adventure Fort

Build It and They Will Come

When it comes to outdoor fun, the more, the merrier! But kids need a reason to spend time in your backyard. What better reason than building a playhouse fort?! Grab the Fort Magic kit and get everyone started. Pass out the sticks, sheets, and snacks to fuel their imaginations. Supervise from afar so they all create a kid-friendly space for their private getaways. Watch them learn problem resolution as they build a fort where kids and giggles rule.
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Backyard Campgrounds

There’s no need to travel to a distant campsite when you have a backyard and a fort! Kids are sure to love sleepover parties in their private backyard fort. They go inside to get away from the elements and the adults. Review the rules of safety before you build a backyard fire and make s’mores. Pretend to be scared when they tell ghost stories around the fire. Give them small flashlights so they can read books and tell stories after dark. And remember, most kids don’t get much sleep during a sleepover – especially if they are camping!Build Your Own Adventure Fort 2

A Beach Party Sandbox

Little kids love playing with pails and shovels in a backyard sandbox. Take the idea to the next level for older children. Have them build a gazebo or cabana fort. Add sand where they can lay out on blankets to catch some sun (of course, after slathering on some sunscreen). Toss a couple of large pails and shovels in the area and they are sure to build castles for kings and queens. Set up a portable pool next to the beach fort. The kids will play all day in their backyard beach! Build Your Own Adventure Fort 3

Digging for Treasure

Nothing is more worthy of the warm weather than building fort ship. Put out some pirate’s hats and capes for seafaring rascals. Add a pile of sand next to the fort and bury some booty for everyone to find. Kids will love digging for “gold” and other buried treasures. Consider small toys everyone will enjoy finding. And it’s the process of looking for treasure that is the most fun!Build Your Own Adventure Fort 4

Tepee Forts

Bring back a moment in time when you encourage kids to build a tepee fort. The design possibilities are endless. And the costumes are awesome! Have face paint on hand for ceremonies in the tepee. Read stories about culture and history in your local area. The kids will learn as they have a fantastic time in a tepee fort.

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Arts and Crafts Fort

Why not have a family art or poetry contest? Build a fort to use as a cultural center in your yard. Encourage everyone on the block to add their own artwork and poetry. All they need to do is post it on the walls of the fort. Have locals gather to listen to the kids read poems and share their artwork. Make sure to have healthy snacks and cool prizes so everyone is a winner!

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Whether you plan a backyard camp trip or everyone choose to dig for buried treasure, building forts is also an opportunity to build lasting memories. What are your favorite backyard adventure fort ideas? Share your thoughts with us below!

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