Backyard DIY Art With Your Fort Builder Set

Posted February 16, 2019 by Fort Magic

If you’re like us, then you’re already dreaming of spring and all the fun you can have outside! Here’s a great way you can enjoy your backyard with one of our Fort Magic building sets. We want to inspire you to get your kids outside and encourage their creativity with some backyard DIY art.


Build Your Own Adventure Fort 1

No Mess Painting Every Parent Will Love

Kids love to paint. And, why not let them get messy, use their creativity, and paint their masterpieces? One thing that might be holding you back as a parent is the hours you’ll spend cleaning up after they’re done.

That’s what’s so great about encouraging your little Picasso in your backyard-clean up is pretty easy! Set up a playhouse fort as their art studio and use paper or colored cellophane to cover it. When they’re all done painting, clean up is as simple as taking down the fort and putting the pieces away.

Build Your Own Adventure Fort 2

Create an Art Gallery Space

If you don’t want to tear down their paint studio right away, you can use it as their art gallery space for an art show. Put up some string inside of the fort with clothespins attached to it to hang their artwork from. You can even set up a small table with refreshments like a real art show.

When their artwork is set up and everything is ready to go, bring out the rest of the family and invite the neighbors over to the art show. Who knows, maybe there’ll even be an interested buyer in your child’s art.Build Your Own Adventure Fort 3

Make Your Fort the Canvas

A favorite feature in our Fort Magic building kits is the fabric clips. You can use these clips to attach any material to your fort structure. This means that after you build the frame for the Playhouse design fort, you can attach paper to finish your creation.

Now, the fort itself is the canvas for your child to create their artwork on. You can set out the paints and allow their imaginations to run wild as they paint their large canvas. The best part? If they don’t like how it’s turning out, just tear down the paper and put up a fresh canvas.Build Your Own Adventure Fort 4

Not Restricted to Paintbrushes

Since you’re outside, why not get out the finger paints and encourage your kids to use their bodies to paint with? They can use their feet, hands, or even their hair! Using more than just a paintbrush will encourage their tactile learning and help them to use different parts of their brain.

Using finger paints is also a great way to involve all of your child’s senses. They’ll get to hear how it sounds, smell and touch the paint, and even taste the paint (make sure you use non-toxic finger paints).

Build Your Own Adventure Fort 5

Nature is Inspiring

There’s just something about being outside in nature that gets your creativity going. Your kids will have plenty of inspiration for their paintings when they are outside watching the squirrels and listening to the birds. The fresh air will help clear their minds so they can really focus on what they’re creating.

You can even carry your fort building supplies to your favorite park because setup is easy. This is a great way to interact with your community as other kids come over to investigate. Just make sure you bring extra paint brushes so your budding artist can paint alongside their new friends.

Build Your Own Adventure Fort 6

Easy Clean-Up

One reason we like to paint outside is that there’s no couches or decorative pillows or rugs to accidentally get paint spilled on. Kids will enjoy the freedom to paint outside without the pressure of making sure they don’t spill any paint. After they’re done, it will take maybe five minutes to throw away the paper and rinse out the brushes.

If they got paint on the grass then let the rain wash it away or mow the lawn. Another popular feature of our fort building kits is that they easily break down into a small bag that will fit under a bed or in a closet for compact storage.Build Your Own Adventure Fort 7

Get Creative with Your Ideas

When you bring the painting outside, you get to be creative with your painting ideas. Encourage your kids to come up with their own ideas too. They can see what happens when they mix paint with bubbles and they pop on their fort. Or, maybe they can find out what happens when they load up their paintbrush and flick the paint onto their canvas. Since you’re outside and not worried about ruining the walls, you can allow their creative ideas to flow!

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