Fun Backyard Fort Ideas to Get Through the Dog Days of Summer

Posted July 31, 2018 by Fort Magic

The dog days of summer are here again. And everyone is trying to beat the heat. The kids have been home for a few weeks. Nobody wants to think about school starting again in a month or less. And boredom is setting in. Now is the perfect time to cool down and have fun by building a backyard fort!

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Go Fish

Even if you live miles from the water, the kids can fish in their backyard fort! Build a cabin fort with its own backyard “pond” for fishing. And you don’t have to worry about hooks or sharp equipment! Make a magnetic fishing rod with fabric fish then let the games begin! Put the fish in a small kiddie pool. Give each kid a bucket for their catch. Count the fish at the end of the game and give a fishy prize to the winner! And serve goldfish crackers and cool drinks to everyone to celebrate.

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Island Fort

Don’t have the budget for a family escape to a faraway land? Don’t despair, you can build an island fort! All you need is a Fort Magic kit and some straw to build a tiki lounge. Add LED lights for authentic ambiance. Make fabulous paper flowers that look like Hawaiian blossoms. Create leis for everyone to wear around their neck. And remember to get a blow-up palm tree from the local party store! Play tropical music, and dance under the sprinkler to stay cool on a hot day.

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A Day At the Beach

Do you have a sandbox or extra sand? Build a beach fort around the sand. Add an umbrella as a roof. If the kids want to sunbathe, they can slather on the suntan lotion (SPF 30+ to be safe) and remove the umbrella. Include kid-sized lounge chairs and a few issues of children’s magazines. Put out a few pairs of sunglasses from the dollar store. And fill the kiddie pool with water so there’s plenty of beachy splashing and laughter!

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Summer Craft Fort

The items of summer are ideal for crafty kids. Rock, seashells, dried flowers, and a healthy dose of creativity can go a long way. Print out summer activities to add to the enjoyment. Kids will spend hours coloring in mandalas and the results are amazing! Print out some summer mandalas, give them some colored pencils and crayons, then watch them make their masterpieces.

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Picnic Fort

A picnic fort is one of the simplest and most memorable backyard fort ideas. Let the kids build the fort of their dreams. It might be anything from a cottage to a castle. Put out the red checkered cloth and serve a tasty picnic lunch. Put out a small folding table where the kids can sit to dine. Add battery operated tealights for a restaurant feel. And it will make those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and lemonade taste so much better!

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Treehouse Fort

Do your kids have a favorite backyard tree? A treehouse doesn’t have to be up in a tree. They can build a fort around the trunk! It will be fun for them to play in a fort that has a tree growing right in the middle. The fort can become a summer clubhouse for reading, listening to music, and telling lots of jokes. After all, laughter makes the time go faster!

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What are your favorite backyard fort ideas? How do you use them to get your kids through the inevitable dog days of summer? Share your ideas with us below!

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