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Posted February 27, 2016 by Fort Magic

As a child, a fort was always in the making. Whether you were having a sleepover with a few friends or sitting still in front of the television, there was something comforting about containing yourself in a construction of pillows and sheets. This blanket tent was your home away from home within your home, and it may be just the way to make your child’s bedtime routine fun, innovative, and fresh. Fort Magic suggests that bed fort ideas make bedtime better because children love to build forts. Once you surround their bed with a fort from Fort Magic’s Fort Magic Kit, your child will be anxious to get in bed to celebrate the greatness and uniqueness of their creation.


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Nowadays, adults and children alike are so locked into their games and the latest television craze that they cannot get any work done, not to mention sleep. Once you bring home a Fort Magic Kit and engage in fort building with your child, your child will not ask to watch a show or play their favorite game once. His or her mind will be focused on kids’ fort ideas for playtime and fun. Another plus is that your child will be so excited to revel in their new abode that they will rush to bed without any encouragement.


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Any activity that requires building, creativity, and parental supervision creates togetherness between parents and children. It gives parents an opportunity to work with their kids, show them love, and provide reassurance. Similar to engineering, fort building requires group cooperation, patient listening, openness to other opinions, and a willingness to compromise when needed. Your child will learn these skills when they encounter challenges as they make a fort. Your child will also want to socialize with friends and invite them to spend the night so that they can all celebrate the fort.


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Fort Magic recognizes fort construction as engineering for kids. Engineers are creative and inventive problem solvers that use calculations and endless possibilities to create solutions and make things happen. Assembling a fort will give your child an exciting challenge. Not only will you have an independent thinker, but you will have a child that will be more than excited to sleep alone in his or her bed. What child wouldn’t want to enjoy her new abode on her own?


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Your child’s fort will be the last thing he sees before he goes to bed, and the first thing he sees when he wakes up the following morning. Each time provide be a more fulfilling feeling for him than the last. Fort building is the perfect activity to inspire your children to bring their ideas and inspiration to life. It will encourage them to believe that they can accomplish even the most unreachable goals if they set their mind to it.


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