Bed Forts & Bedtime With The Fort Magic Kit

Posted February 19, 2021 by Fort Magic

Bedtime is something usually that kids associate with being boring and no fun. Some may even cry when it is that time every night. Are you looking for ideas so your kids don’t fight you every night and make bedtime enjoyable? Fort Magic Building kits can put the fun at bedtime with bed forts.

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Bed Forts for a Better Bedtime

As a child, forts are always fun to make whether you are having a sleepover, a sibling in the room with you, or just by yourself. There is something comforting about containing yourself in the construction of pillows, blankets, and your favorite stuffed animals. It could also be the way to make your child’s bedtime routine fun, innovative, and fresh. Most importantly, no crying involved!

Fort Magic knows that kids love forts and hate bedtime so bed forts make bedtime better because children will love to build a fort they can sleep in. Once a fort surrounds their bed, they will be anxious to get in and celebrate the greatness of the newly created fort. Bedtime won’t be a hassle for you anymore.

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Fort Building Will Keep Your Kids Engaged

These days children and adults can get caught up in electronics that they forget about simple things, such as curling up with a good book and resting afterward. Once a Fort Magic Kit has been opened in your home, you can expect your children to get engaged with learning and building all kinds of forts.

The first one should be a simple fort covered in some heavy sheets and filled with their favorite books, blankets, and animal pals. Let your children read all their favorite bedtime stories to you as they drift off to sleep in their creation. Your children will be so excited about their own space and new reading hangout they will not fuss about bedtime each night but actually be excited.

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Bed Forts for Sleepovers

Looking for a few friends to hang out for a sleepover with your kids in their fort? A simple teepee fort will do the trick! Cover your design with some bright and colorful sheets. Throw in some pillows and blankets for added comfort. Listen to the giggles and laughter that are sure to be heard all night long.

Your child’s guests will never want to leave once they realize how much fun they are having. You could even serve them a simple breakfast of donuts and fruit with milk the next morning, and let the fun continue for the group of friends.

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Don’t Forget the Lights

Does your little one love lights? Maybe your kid tends to get a little scared once all the lights are out at night. No worries, forts are a great place to add some lights. Simply let your child build the design of their choice with the kit and add some blankets, sheets, or old material as a cover. A sheer curtain is great to let more light in.

Once you have a nice cover, you can add a string of lights to the inside and make it be a magical fort for your child. Lights can be purchased at most stores and you can probably find a leftover string from Christmas. Add their favorite pillow and blanket, and your little one will drift off with no worries about it being too dark for them.

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Spending Time with Your Kids While They Learn

Fort Magic Building Kits are more than just a great way for your kids to have fun. It is an activity that teaches them how to build, engages their imagination, pulls out some creativity, and gets them involved in learning. It can also be an excellent way for parents to spend time with their children while they build and come up with different ideas.

Similar to engineering, forts require group cooperation, patience, a willingness to learn, knowing when to compromise, and learning from your mistakes. Your child will learn these skills while building forts. They will also learn how to face challenges and how to overcome those challenges as they come up with fort ideas that do not work or are not big enough for the purpose intended.

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Building a Love for Forts

Your child will want to spend more time making forts and learning. They may even want to invite more friends over and socialize and show off their new creations.

Your child’s bed fort will be the last thing they see before going to bed and the first thing they see when they wake up. Each time it gives them a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that they built that. Fort building is a perfect activity to inspire your children to bring their ideas and inspirations to life. It will encourage them in ways you never thought possible and help them know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

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Why Our Kits Are Different Than Others

Fort Magic Building Kits are loved by parents and educators alike because of all the ways your children can learn while using the kit. It is also an award-winning educational toy. Each kit contains over 350 pieces that include a variety of straight and curved pieces as well as connectors.  A building manual with 21 fort designs and 100 snap-on fabric clips will also get your family started. Covers can be purchased separately or made from items you have around your home.

What are you waiting for? Order your kit today and see what ideas your family can come up with to build! The designs are endless and so is the fun.

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