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The Best Fort Building Kit For Kids!

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Fort Magic is the BEST Fort Building kit for kids!

One Fort Magic Kit Builds ALL Of These Designs And So Much More…Castle, Ship, Teepee, Cottage, Airplane, Submarine…

The design possibilities are endless with the Fort Magic fort building kit!  Fort Magic is a patent-pending fort building kit for children with Straight and Curved Sticks in 7 different sizes5 different Connector shapes, and 130 Fabric Clips, ALL totaling 382 pieces in every kit!  Fort Magic fort building kit has an incredible full-color manual with over 20 designs to build for fun!  Fort Magic also includes a spacious, high quality storage bag to easily store your pieces making cleanup a breeze every time our children play!

Build amazing indoor forts! Build incredible outdoor forts!  Build all kinds of inventive and fun forts for kids with Fort Magic!  Your family will love this new, incredibly creative toy for kids!

Learn more about the Fort Magic fort building kit here:  www.FortMagic.com

See More Fort Magic Fort Building Ideas!

Thumbnail Sub325Submarine Fort Design! Thumbnail Cottage325Cottage Fort Design! Thumbnail Plane325Airplane Fort Design!



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