Big Fort Magic Building From Little Gianna & Her Daddy!

Posted February 11, 2013 by Fort Magic

Nap Time Is Fun Time For Gianna With Her New Fort Magic Playhouse Fort!


February Fort Magic Fort Building From Holly's Family!


“My daughter is 4 and thinks this is the coolest thing ever, but even my husband became obsessed with creating new designs. The forts you can create are endless and the parts are super easy to snap together and are surprisingly sturdy. Any sheets or lightweight blankets can be used and easily & tightly snap in place. I would definitely recommend this product. Very fun. We will be getting a 2nd kit for expansion of current fort. This is a toy that brings the family together and really requires good old imagination and creativity.”
Mom, Holly


February Fort Magic Fort Building Kit Holly's Family 4

Little Gianna has big fun with her Daddy building her very own Super Fort Playhouse with their Fort Magic kit!


February Fort Magic Fort Building Kit Holly's Family 2

Inside view of Little Gianna’s Playhouse Fort!


February Fort Magic Fort Building Kit Holly's Family 3

“Gianna decided she wanted a chandelier in her living room. She built this! It was her idea.”

Great job building and designing your awesome Super-Fort Playhouse Gianna!  You and your dad built a wonderful fort design!  We just love your curved tunnels and multiple room creation with high ceiling.  We really love how you used your large curved sticks to hold up your roof in your main room!  You built 3 HUGE rooms with your one Fort Magic fort building kit!  Totally cool and very creative use of your kit contents!  It looks like you are having lots of fun.  We think your Chandelier creation is particularly adorable!  Excellent building skills!

Thank you for Sharing Holly and family!  We love this fort design!  Your Super Fort Playhouse design will be posted in our Contest Gallery for all to see!  Good luck with our February contest!