Big Kids STEM Learning With Backyard Forts

Posted July 23, 2023 by Fort Magic

Summertime is here, the kids are out of school, the weather is great, and the kids are screaming they are bored. What now? The idea of watching another movie does not sound appealing. You are not really in the mood to visit the local park, and the kids are getting antsier by the minute. Fort Magic fort building kit to the rescue!

kids stem learning

STEM Learning for Kids with Our Forts

Our kits are designed to provide hours of fun for your children. They have unlimited building potential with over 350 pieces and a 28-page full-color building manual. Our fort building kits also provide your children with the ultimate life-size building experience, helping improve and build STEM skills, critical thinking and teach them about teamwork.

The next time your child or children say they are bored, surprise them with a Fort Magic fort building kit and let the fun and adventure begin. They will never even realize they are learning as they are playing.

kids stem learning

Materials Needed

Now that you have something planned for the kids to do, it is important to gather the materials they may need. The first thing to do is to get your kit. For the kids to work on STEM skills, gather some paper and pencils to draw out sketches of the forts they want to build.

Then, think about covers. This is where the kids come to join in. Covers can be anything you can imagine. Try some old sheets, curtains, t-shirts, paint cloth, scarves, or plastic. Now, what will they decorate it with? Some toys, pillows, plastic chairs? You may want to wait on this until the fort is built and you have an idea of how much room they have inside.

The last thing to bring is their imagination. They get to let that run wild, and the fun begins!


kids stem learning

Outdoor Fort Ideas for Big Kids STEM Learning

One of the easiest forts you can encourage your kids to build is a playhouse. They can use this as a hideout, a place to escape and read a book, or just a place to play. They can decorate the outside however they want and add finishing touches on the inside.

1. Hideout Fort for a NERF war

If they are looking to make a hideout, have them grab some black, dark-colored sheets or some camo if you have it. Do you have some potted plants that can help disguise the fort? Move these in front of the fort, and then add a basket or two inside. Use one basket for the stockpile of NERF guns your kid is sure to have, and the other can be for the extra bullets they will need. Now the kids have their very own NERF war space in the backyard.
kids stem learning

2. Book Reading Fort

Book reading forts can be fun for older kids who like some peace and quiet. After they have the fort design down, they can add some colorful covers to keep them entertained.  Have them grab a few of their favorite books, a bean bag chair, pillow, and blanket for the inside. Then they have the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy their book. You could even bring them some snacks and drinks as they read the day away.


kids stem learning

3. Painting Fort

A painting fort is fun for any age and can be made out of anything. Cover the outside with rolls of white paper, white drop cloths, or old white sheets. Now have the kids grab the bucket of paint supplies such as brushes, q-tips, and sponges. Have them paint designs all over the fort.

Do you have smaller kids and want them to join in the fun but scared of them and paint? Make easy and washable paint for them. You can take a box of vanilla pudding, prepare it according to the box, add some food coloring, and you have some paint for kids. It can be a great finger paint for those smaller fingers also. They can use paintbrushes or use their fingers to spread the paint and join in on the design.

If you do not have paint lying around, the kids can also use markers and whatever art supplies you have in the closet. No need to go out and buy extra stuff. Fort building is all about using what you have!

kids stem learning

STEM Learning and Fort Building for Big Kids

Fort building and STEM learning go hand in hand for kids, big or small. You have probably heard the term in magazines, teachers, friends, educators, and your children’s doctors. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and helps children learn in these fields.

Lots of play can be described as STEM play. When your kids are building and calculating and working together, they are learning STEM skills. When the fort design fails, and they have to rethink the idea and rebuild, STEM skills are being used again. STEM playing connects your children to the real world using skills they will need to grow up and grow older.

kids stem learning


kids stem learning

We Love Hearing From  You

Here at Fort Magic, we are always open to ideas and love to hear from our customers. Do you have a fort design that you love? Have your kids built so many forts they think they designed a new one? We would love to see the design and hear from you. Reach out with your pictures so we can share in the excitement and fun.

Do you have questions about our kits, and you do not see the answer on our website? Please feel free to contact us. We welcome questions and would love to help you.

kids stem learning

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