Boats and Subs Fort Ideas for Kids

Posted February 6, 2016 by Fort Magic

Here at Fort Magic, we are always talking about the kinds of things we loved to do as kids. Pretending like we were explorers or pirates was one of our favorite things. We would spend hours looking for new lands and saying, “Ahoy Matey!” It is because of our love of the magic on the open waters that we want to share boats and subs fort ideas for kids to help make their imagination sail.


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Building forts with your kids is always a fantastic time to sneak in some fun lessons. For example, while building a ship fort, you can talk to your child about how the moon affects tides or the terms of measurement on the sea. You could also talk about the engineering and physics that go behind the making of your fort. Using frames allows you to point out the mechanics of building support in a more visual way. Ask your kids to tell you where they think the design needs more strength or why they think a dome or triangle is a stable shape for the building.


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If you are building a fort with two or more kids, consider how you can offer them guidance in building it while still letting them understand the role of each piece. It’s no secret that we love the teamwork and creativity that kids carry into building their forts. Let them explore that teamwork together and experiment with the placement of different parts of the fort they are designing. They might even realize that they like the planning that goes behind building the fort just as much as they like the fort itself!


Boats and Subs Fort 4


One of the best things about having so many options, from riverboats to submarines to ships, is that there are a variety of ways you and your child can let your imaginations fly! Next time you build a fort, take time with your kids to make up a story that goes along with your fort. Maybe you are on a scientific mission to find the lost city of Atlantis, and you and your submarine stumble upon a vibrant underwater city. Or, maybe you are explorers, charting unknown territory along the Mississippi River in the 18th century.


Boats and Subs Fort 5

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You can even encourage your kids to express themselves through other creative outlets. If one of your kids loves to make crafts, ask him or her to make some props for your expedition. If the other enjoys acting and dressing up, they can be in charge of costuming the whole team. When building forts, there are no limits to imagination!


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