Build A Fort Magic Command Center Fort With Lasers & Radars!

Posted March 15, 2013 by Fort Magic

Build A Fort Magic Command Center With Lasers & Radars!
From Sara & Kids!

More great Fort Magic photos from Sara and the kids! They built this totally fun Fort Magic Command Center with Radar & Lasers! We love the creativity! Sounds like you all had a great time!!! Thank you for sharing!

March Fort Magic Command Center With Lasers & Radars Fort Sara & Family


“The kids had a blast with their Fort Magic this weekend and built a command center with radar and lasers!

The command center was maintained by a very sophisticated toy cash register (a must for these type of high-level calculations), as well as a play laptop for running the radar.

The kids set up the desks and very seriously got to work. Of course everything came down to firepower once Papa came in with the bean bag attacks! Our son quickly set up a defense shield and put together some six shooters from the littlest gray pipes. It was an absolute blast! Thank you again!”

Mom, Sara