Build An Indoor Adventure Kids Forts Ideas

Posted December 20, 2018 by Fort Magic

Now that we’re in the middle of the colder season, you might find yourself going a little crazy with the whole family being stuck inside for months. It could be time to bring the outdoors inside and build an indoor, water-based adventure! Here are some of our ideas on how you can use a Fort Magic building kit to do just that:

Explore the Deep Seas

Every child loves the mystery of the ocean. They will spend hours exploring the world by sea, searching for new lands. Or, maybe they can search for lost treasure on their Odyssey submarine.

Boats and Subs Fort 2

Learn About Deep Sea Exploration

You can spend some time teaching your kids about deep-sea exploration and how lost treasure has been found. There are an estimated 3 million sunken ships lost to the seas. How many of these might be full of gold coins and artifacts dating back to the time of the Vikings?

Take the kids to the library to find some good books and videos on the discoveries of some of these lost treasures. Then, you can come home and construct your own deep sea vessel using a Fort Magic building kit. Don’t forget all the buttons to operate it and a camera to record your discoveries.

Boats and Subs Fort 3

Find Lost Treasure

Once your deep sea-worthy fort is complete, make a treasure map for the kids. Fill a treasure box full of gold coins and hide it somewhere. The kids can take their submarine to all the different spots on the treasure map where they will find the next clue. They can document each stop in their submarine log to show what they found 3,000 feet down.

After their long journey, they will be rewarded with the discovery of treasure! Use the camera to document this momentous occasion. Who knows? You might ignite a love for the sea and have a future marine archaeologist on your hands!

Boats and Subs Fort 4

Sail to New Worlds

After your kids have learned about all the treasures beneath the sea, they can learn about life on top of the sea. So much of our history has come from sailing the seas. New worlds were discovered, new people were found, and new trade routes were established. We are still a world that relies heavily on transportation by sea.

Boats and Subs Fort 5

Learn About Christopher Columbus

Your kids can learn about history while having some fun. You can use one of our Fort Magic kits to construct your boat. We suggest the River Boat design (you can easily modify it to look more like the early carrack Columbus sailed on).

You and the kids can spend some time reading books or searching online to learn about the different types of ships people have sailed on in the past. Fort Magic is a great way to make this kind of subject fun and exciting, as a hands-on approach to learning can increase engagement.

Boats and Subs Fort 6

What New World Will You Discover?

You can be a kid again as you board the large ocean vessel you have created with your kids. You can sail the seas and see who can be the first to spot land. When you do find land, you can toss the anchor over and take some time to find out about this new world you have discovered.

With Fort Magic, your discovery options are endless. End the cabin fever and get out there to see what your next adventure holds.



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