Build Festive & Magical Winter Forts With Fort Magic

Posted January 22, 2021 by Fort Magic

Is the weather outside a little too cool to play in all day long? Are the kids getting bored? We recommend a Fort Magic Building Kit. It can be used in endless ways to entertain your kids and keep them busy. Through play they will have fun thinking, problem-solving, learning, creating, and using their imagination. Here are some great ideas on how to use our building kit for your indoor winter forts!

indoor winter forts

indoor winter forts

Building festive and magical forts is easy with our kits! Do you have a daughter who wants her very own ice palace like Elsa? Or maybe a son who wants to play pirate and a ship docked at an igloo is more his style? Group of kids…. an ice cave or hideout is just the thing to get them all playing together!

indoor winter forts

indoor winter forts

How to Build Indoor Winter Forts with Our Kit

Kids of all ages will enjoy building with a Fort Magic Building Kit. They are so fun and so easy to use! One of our kits comes with 354 pieces, a 28-page building manual, and 100 snap-on fabric clips. You can purchase covers and add on kits separately.

To build with our kit, you push and twist to insert the stick into the connector opening. Keep connecting until you have the shape you want. To use the fabric clips, you simply put the fabric over the stick then press and snap on the fabric clips to attach it. It is really that easy! When you are done playing, snap off the fabric clips, twist, and pull to separate the sticks from the connectors. Clean up is quick and easy. This is one of the many reasons parents love Fort Magic.

indoor winter forts

Magical Building Ideas

Now that we know how to build, we need to gather our supplies and get to creating. Kids will enjoy this part of the process just as much as they will enjoy playing in the fort. Have your kids go on a scavenger hunt to find old sheets and towels or even scarves that could help make their fort more magical. Add a string of lights to add to the magical appearance. The possibilities are endless and they can create whatever comes to mind! There is no right or wrong way when it comes to magical fort building.

indoor winter forts

indoor winter forts

1. Frozen Ice Palace

Do you have some little girls or maybe even a little boy who loves the Disney movie Frozen? Does she dream of being Elsa in her very own ice place or Kristoff visiting the palace with Sven? Building an ice palace with a Fort Magic Building Kit can make her dreams come true. Using the castle design that is included in the building manual of your kit, build your base of the fort. Then using the fabric clips, add blue and clear or even purple cellophane or sheer curtains to the outside of the castle walls. The cellophane or sheer curtains gives the castle the perfect shimmer and icy look the kids will love.

If you are looking to take your castle to the next level attach some white lights or even rope lights to the inside of the castle fort. Cover your floor with cozy pillows and blankets and bring all your Frozen dolls and toys inside to play for hours of fun. You could even have them dress up like their favorite Frozen character!

2. Icey White Igloo

You may have a boy who is a little bit rough and tough. Say no more! Your favorite little pirate can yell, “Shiver Me Timbers!” from his very own ice igloo. Typically we don’t think of pirates and igloos together but in the world of make-believe, anything is possible in your indoor winter forts.

Using your building kit plan out a ship and an ice igloo for the base of the forts. Then cover the ice igloo with white sheets and add a string of lights if you want for a more magical feeling. Decorate the ship in old towels or brown sheets. Whatever you have laying around the house will work. Have your pirates dress up complete with an eye patch and all for an afternoon of fun in their very own ship and igloo hangout. Invite some friends over and listen to the squeals and laughter that is sure to follow! Ahoy, Matey!

3. Adventurous Ice Cave

Building an ice cave for more adventures is sure to make your kids have a great day. Your cave can take on any design you and your family come up with. Do you want it big and square and open or would you all like small and dark and round for more a mysterious feel?

Start by building your fort base and then add sheets in the colors you want. Try adding white sheets to make it light or black and dark blue for a more cave-like appearance. Add a string of lights inside with some crepe paper streamers and your fort is complete. Looking for activities to do in your fort? What about a game of cards or go fish? If you want you could even have an indoor snowball fight with fake snow in your winter forts!

indoor winter forts

The weather may be chilly and just too cold to go outside and play but with Fort Magic Kits you can bring the fun and playtime inside. We know you and your kids will have a fun-filled afternoon building some creative forts. Put your heads together, get ready for some teamwork and creative ideas and start building. Who will come up with the best idea or the best materials to use to cover your fort? Make it a scavenger hunt! Have fun with it! That’s what fort building and family time are all about… having fun!

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indoor winter forts

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