How to Build A Playhouse Fort

Posted January 31, 2016 by Fort Magic

Kids can learn a lot from playing in a playhouse fort. It is an excellent way for them to role-play, learn responsibility, and express their creativity. But, before kids can gain all of these advantages, a playhouse needs to be built. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to build a playhouse fort for your kids.

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Kids have an uncanny knack for creating their own playthings. When kids are young, they can create a playhouse out of just about anything. Couch cushions, blankets, and cardboard boxes are all great materials that any kid can use to create their first DIY playhouse forts. These forts are great because they require no tools nor adult supervision to assemble. Assembling these forts relies solely on a kid’s imagination and innate ability to create.


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As kids grow up, they tend to want more than the forts they built out of sheets and couch cushions on the living room floor. Building forts outside is the perfect way for them to expand. However, backyard forts require a bit more parental supervision, as they are more complicated to assemble. However, the extra effort parents need to put into backyard forts is well worth it. Kids can spend hours in the fort using it as a clubhouse, pretending it is a pirate ship, or simply having a place to call their own. Plus, the physical play involved is actually good for the brain! Consider a few tips to follow when building an outdoor fort.


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Every good project begins with a good plan. Planning an outdoor playhouse is important. It takes lots of time and effort to finish this project, and creating a plan will make sure you stay on track. Figure out what materials and tools you will need to get the job done.


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Think about what you want your final project to look like. Since this is a fort design your kids are going to use, let them assist with the planning. Brainstorm with them and let them have input on what the final design is going to look like. They can even draw some sketches that express their vision for the playhouse.


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Gather all of the materials you will need to construct the playhouse and build the fort. You can make this a family project by letting the kids do age-appropriate chores such as toting small boards or even bringing cool beverages to the workers if they are too young to participate in the hammering and other building tasks. By involving the kids, they will gain a sense of accomplishment and take pride in the finished project. Don’t forget to paint and decorate the finished product to give it a personal touch. If you are looking for something truly innovative, consider a Fort Magic kit. Fort Magic provides an innovative way for kids to build forts using a pre-packaged kit that contains all of the necessary materials to build a variety of different play designs. Your kids will learn valuable multi-sensory skills and develop STEM subject skills that will benefit them as they progress through their academic lives. The skills kids will learn by building playhouse forts will stay with them and benefit them throughout their lives. If you want to give your kids a head start in their academics without making it seem like they’re learning, encourage them to build a playhouse fort today!



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