Build The Ultimate Kids Hideaway With Fort Magic

Posted November 1, 2018 by Fort Magic

As we head into winter, you might be scrambling to come up with things to keep your kids entertained inside. With the right preparation, you can plan lots of fun for your time indoors this winter. With our Fort Magic building kit, you have endless opportunities to build the ultimate hideaway with your kids. 



Empower Your Kids

When you use one of our Fort Magic building kids, you open an entire world of possibilities for your kids. You can stand back and watch their creativity flow as they plan and build their perfect hideaway. Kids will start to feel empowerment through this process.

They will feel empowered to create and empowered to fail. They will get to see that through their failures, they can try again and again until they have come up with their masterpiece. It’s this type of hands-on learning that will grow your kids into empowered, creative, and confident adults.

If they are hesitant to jump in on the fun, give them a specific job. Start with an easier job, such as sorting the pieces. Then, you can move up to more difficult jobs and as their confidence soars, soon you will be the one getting jobs from them!

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Encourage Their Creative Skills

For older kids, you can simply hand over a Fort Magic building kit and some of your bedsheets, then see what they come up with. You can follow any of the building plans on the 24 pages of ideas, which are included with each kit. After they get a feel for constructing forts, then your kids can really start to harness their creativity.

This is also a great way to encourage their leadership skills as they hand you pieces and instruct you with what to do. If your kids are younger, let them draw out their idea of a perfect hideaway. After they are done, you can use their plans to work together to see if you can make their idea a reality. The best part is watching the joy on their face as they get to watch their picture come to life.


Create a Collaborative Environment

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems that no matter what you do, your kids just won’t stop fighting? One of the best ways we have found to end this is to put them to work doing something that requires teamwork. Soon, instead of listening to whining, you will get to listen to their sweet little giggles as their fort starts taking shape.

After all that hard work, you can reward them with a tea party in their new fort. Set out your favorite tea, cream, sugar, and a delicious snack; they will be hungry after all that building! As they enjoy the fruits of their labor, you can read to them from one of their favorite fairytale books.


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Foster Independent Learning

A quickly fading skill is the ability to work with little guidance. As you watch your child get to work on their fort, you will have to fight the urge to step in and do it for them. All they need is encouragement from you and you will be quite surprised at what they can do all on their own.

Soon, they will have the confidence to do more all on their own. They will get to see that they can do it! After they have built their perfect hideaway, set them up with their favorite snack and a good book. Encourage them to have some quiet time. After all, their new fort is there for them to hide, away from pesky siblings and annoying adults.


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