Build Your Own Valentine's Day Fort

Posted February 5, 2020 by Fort Magic

Fort building is a fun way to enjoy some time with your kids and have fun with your kids. Fort Magic has put together some ideas for you to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one. You can show your kids how loved they are while encouraging their creativity.


Make Your Fort Valentine’s Themed

You can turn any fort design into a Valentine’s fort with your decorations. You can cover the outside in white or red fabric and then hang white lights around the outside. Create a heart garland by cutting out white, red, and pink hearts from construction paper and then attaching them together on a string. Once you’re done, drape your garland around the outside of your fort.

Inside you can twist red and white or pink and white crepe paper together and string it across the top of your fort. You can hang crepe paper down from the top of your fort and string lights inside as well.

Valentine’s Days Forts 11. Enjoy Valentine’s Snacks in Your Fort

You can spend an entire day just crafting special Valentine’s-themed snacks with your kids. They can get creative with their ideas. You can have bowls of conversation hearts and platters of heart-shaped cheese and crackers. 

Another fun idea is to use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make heart sandwiches or quesadillas. Make healthy fruit kabobs with strawberries, raspberries, and grapes or use the cookie cutter to cut out a heart-shaped melon. You can make pink popcorn by cooking sugar, butter, and pink food coloring. Add this to your popped corn and mix thoroughly.

Valentine’s Days Forts 22. Host a Valentine’s Party

You can have your kids make a special mailbox a few days before your Valentine’s party to hold their cards. Also, plan ahead what you want to do so that you can have your kids get in on the decorating. They can make special signs for each station or help with other decorations. See what fun ideas they can come up with!

Valentine’s Days Forts 3

4. Sugar Cookie Decorating Station

Everyone thinks of sugar cookies when they think about Valentine’s Day. You can either get the kids in on the fun of baking sugar cookies or you can bake these ahead of time. Prepare the sugar cookies station by placing bags of white, pink, and red frosting around for the kids to use. 

Next, set out bowls of colored sugar, sprinkles, red hots, and whatever other toppings you think would be fun to decorate the cookies with. You can spread a large sheet on the floor and tape brown paper to the table to make clean up easy. 


5. Make Conversation Heart Cards 

One of the best ways to spread love and kindness is through our words. Making construction paper hearts is easy. First, fold a piece of paper in half then trace half a heart on the folded side. Next, cut out along your line and unfold it to reveal a heart. 

Have your kids come up with 3 nice phrases or words for each of the other kids and write each phrase or word on a separate heart. After they are done, have them go around and place their hearts into the recipient’s mailbox. Then, spend some time having each child read all the nice things on their hearts.

Valentine’s Days Forts 5

6. Make It A Dance Party

You can easily turn your Valentine’s party into a dance party. After you’re done with everything else, you can clear out the tables and chairs from your fort. Turn on the music and disco lights and enjoy some dancing! 

You can also surprise the kids by decorating the inside of the fort ahead of time with a glow in the dark paint. Write your own nice words on the inside of the fort that are revealed when the lights are turned off and the black light is turned on.

Valentine’s Days Forts 5a

Valentine’s Days Forts 6

6. Enjoy Family Game Night

Valentine’s Day is a day to be with the ones you love. If your kids don’t want to invite friends over for their party, turn this into a family game night. You can still make it fun by using your decorated fort. 

Throw in pillows, blankets, and other stuff to make it comfortable and then set up a few board games inside. Put a basket outside of the fort so that everyone can turn in their screens and phones to ensure everyone is present and enjoying each other’s company. Spend the evening laughing and talking as you play your favorite board games and eat the snacks you made.

Valentine’s Days Forts 7a

We hope you love these ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with forts.

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