Building Family Memories With A Holiday Fort

Posted December 16, 2019 by Fort Magic

More than half of people claim holiday memories as their favorite ones. You can bring Fort Magic into your holidays this year to start some new family traditions. One fort building kit can bring your family an endless amount of memories.

Holiday Fort Ideas

Why Making Memories Is Important

Most people enjoy making fun memories together. But, what many probably don’t realize is that making good memories serves an important purpose for our emotional health. When kids or even adults are going through a rough time, it’s those good memories that help us get through. 

The good memories serve as a reminder that things aren’t always bad. They provide the strength to keep going until you get to more good times. Research also shows that those with lots of good memories are overall happier and are less prone to mood disorders. Research also reveals that children who have built up a large store of good memories have a bigger hippocampus, which is the part of your brain responsible for stress response, memory, and learning.sheer-curtain-fort-covers-1

Fort Making Is Fun for All Ages

Forts bring people of all ages together. It’s something that you’ll enjoy whether you’re 2 or 65. You can also use your creativity to brainstorm ideas and then work together to make your fort come to life. You can have fun making the fort and then have even more fun getting to enjoy the inside. There’s something about a fort that makes the time spent in it magical no matter how old you are.sheer-curtain-fort-covers-2

Start A New Family Tradition

Starting a new family tradition will be one of those memories that your kids will remember for their entire lives. The best part is that they’ll probably pass that tradition down to their kids. Your new family tradition will become your legacy.

You can utilize a fort building kit to make something new every year. Maybe one year your kids will wake up Christmas morning to a life-sized gingerbread house and the next year it’ll be a hot chocolate station. Use your creativity to think up ideas that are fun for your kids and something they can get in on. Below you’ll find some of our favorite holiday traditions.sheer-curtain-fort-covers-3

1. Build A Life-Size Gingerbread House

Bring some magic to this holiday season by building a life-size gingerbread house with your kids. Start off by building the Play House fort. Next, cover it in brown paper. You can brainstorm with your kids ahead of time on some fun things that would work for candy decorations. You can use white wrapping paper rolls and twist thin strips of red construction paper around them to look like candy canes. 

You can also cut the ruffled edge of those cheap paper plates and cut them in half to make semi-circles. Tape the semi-circles across the top of the roof to make it look like scalloped frosting decorations. You can try some other fun things such as tissue paper wrapped foam for gumdrops or use paper plates to decorate like mint candies. sheer-curtain-fort-covers-4

2. Make A Hot Cocoa Fort

Hot chocolate is a vital part of the holiday season. You can have fun thinking up different flavor combinations to go with your hot chocolate as well as different toppings. The kids can have fun building the fort as well as creating the decorations for the station. You can hang white lights on the inside to make it more festive and diffuse peppermint oil if you’re into aromatherapy.

You can make fun, creative signs to put on the outside of your fort and in front of all your toppings so that people know what everything is. Some fun toppings include candied orange slices, crushed peppermint candy, chocolate flakes, toasted marshmallows, and cinnamon. After you’ve worked hard on your hot cocoa station, you can invite the neighbors over to enjoy it and sing carols.sheer-curtain-fort-covers-5

3. Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movies

After you have fun building your fort, you can snuggle up together for a day of watching all your favorite holiday movies. You can make it more fun by creating themed snacks to go along with your movies. The kids can help you make the food, which is a great way to spend time together and for them to learn important skills.

You can create snowmen out of marshmallows, use your hot cocoa station, and make snowballs with shredded coconut. You’ll want to make sure that you leave one side of the fort open so that everyone can see the tv. Don’t forget to fill the fort with pillows and comfy blankets to keep everyone cozy while you watch the movies. 


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