Building Festive Forts for Kids With Magical Holiday Lights

Posted November 30, 2017 by Fort Magic

Kids love to play make-believe. It’s one of the best parts of being young. Everything looks new and wonderful. Kids can play for hours on end just using everyday household objects and those found in the world around them. The freedom of play also offers plenty of opportunities to learn. And typically they need little guidance. Just grab a Fort Magic kit and let their imaginations run free. The holiday season is a perfect time for fort building. And everyone knows holiday forts are even more festive when you add magical holiday lights!

magical holiday lights

Every now and then you may find it useful to help your kids along a bit. Work with them to create an atmosphere where can be their most creative, motivated selves. What better place than a fort?! Fort building is an essential part of any childhood. After all, who doesn’t remember the first time they strung a blanket up in a corner and pretended that it was private clubhouse? Kids can create their own holiday world where they total control of the surroundings. Imagine the fantastic possibilities!

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Forts of All Sizes and Shapes

Forts can come in countless shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be built indoors or outdoors. Kids can use forts for everything from sleeping to reading to making arts and crafts. And they’re portable, so you don’t have to block off an entire room of the house just for fort-building for your kids. Making these forts is fun for children. Adults appreciate how fort building keeps kids entertained for hours. Parents might even get to kick back and relax for a few golden minutes while the simply observe their kids having a great time!

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Just Add Holiday Lights

All you need is a Fort Magic kit, lots of lights, and plenty of imagination! One idea for making your child’s fort unique and decorative is to create a magical fort using holiday lights, which can be strung up all around in different ways. Lights help to give the fort a mystical feel. It’s almost like their own house they can decorate to celebrate the season. They can make holiday cards and set up a holiday craft table! Plus, this gives them an opportunity to hide away and so something special for the people they care about.
Magical Forts With Lights 3

Safety First – Then Lights, Camera, Action!

Just make sure that whenever you use holiday lights, you check the fire safety information. There have been some warnings about using certain brands because they can break or send wiring into the wrong place, which is exactly what you want to avoid. Once you get the right bright lights, it’s lights, camera, action! Make sure to get some pictures of the kids having fun in their holiday lighted fort. These are memories you’re sure to treasure for years to come.

Magical Forts With Lights 4

An Inspirational Holiday Reading Fort

Decorating with holiday lights is a great way to get your kids excited about the upcoming holiday. It becomes a perfect place to share tales such as, “Frosty the Snowman.” Get really festive by serving hot chocolate with peppermint sticks! The kids are to appreciate a treat while they read their favorite seasonal tales. Bake some holiday cookies and decorate them. Serve them warm on a festive plate. Everyone can crunch along while they take turns reading. Encourage your kids to turn one of their favorite holiday tales into a play for friends and family to watch. They might even want to collect an entrance fee, which can be donated to the charity of their choice. Charitable donations teach kids about the true spirit of giving.

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Time for Caroling

A fort with holiday lights can also be the perfect place for caroling. Have the kids practice in their decorated fort for the major event. Encourage them to go caroling in the neighborhood to spread the cheer. Create a wintry environment in the fort by making paper snowflakes and putting up a small tree with lights. Candle displays can be set up using battery-operated tea lights rather than actual candles so kids are safe when they turn on the candle each night. And set up a corner for holiday gift wrapping so the kids have a place to hide the goodies they want to give to everyone.

Magical Forts With Lights 6

No matter what holidays you celebrate, this season is well-known for being a festival of lights. Bring this sense of wonder into a child’s world by building a magically lighted fort. Who knows what delighful holiday surprises they will come up with!

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How do you create magical holiday forts with lights and what do you do inside? Share your ideas with us below!


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