Castle Fort Ideas For Kids

Posted January 20, 2016 by Fort Magic

Fort-building is often seen as an iconic part of childhood. From sleepovers to rainy days, almost any occasion can be an excuse to build a fort (and defend it against imaginary attacks from pirates or aliens). Forts are fun to build and fun to use and are a great way for kids to exercise their creativity, develop organization and planning skills, and work on their teamwork abilities. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, or one that they can work on with their friends or each other, take a look at these castle fort ideas for kids.

Castle Fort Ideas For Kids


Make building a fort an enjoyable learning experience. One of the reasons why fort building is such a good pastime for kids (other than just being fun) is the chance to teach important lessons about teamwork, planning, and hard work. Research shows that many kids learn through play. When building a fort with your kids, take the opportunity to make this fun activity into a teachable moment where they learn something new, and can carry those lessons with them far into the future.


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For example, if you have multiple kids, help them collaborate by communicating with each other, staying respectful of each other’s thoughts and opinions, and working together to complete their fort. You can also teach your kids about the importance of planning by working on a diagram, listing out the materials they’ll need, or having them learn the basics of engineering by constructing a balanced fort structure.


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Try building a castle with a fun theme. From a classic medieval castle to a pirate castle, to an underwater mermaid castle, using a theme allows your kids to exercise their creativity and immerse themselves in the world that they have created with their imagination. Integrate costumes and props to support each theme, and encourage your kids to act out scenes that they have seen or thought up themselves!


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Building forts from scratch can be fun, but it can also be time-consuming (and can potentially cause a mess if kids use household materials to build the design). Instead, consider using a Fort Magic frame to get started. You can set up and create any design you can imagine, and then add covers and designs to create a fun and unique space.  Your kids will love building endless castle forts for hours of play.


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