Celebrate Family and Create Lasting Memories with Forts

Posted April 30, 2018 by Fort Magic

The family is a child’s foundation for the future. When kids learn when they are little, stays with them through adulthood. And making fun memories keeps childhood alive for years to come. Discover how to create fantastic family memories with creative fort ideas that celebrate all of you!

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The Family That Builds Together, Stays Together

Fort building requires a team effort. Everyone must brainstorm, share ideas, then make them happen together. During this process, there will be problems and disagreements. Fort building teaches conflict resolution, a priceless skill for families. And everyone learns more about each other as they share creative moments. This simple act of play can help your family learn how to work together – and that will help everyone through some challenging moments in the future.

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Create a Family Tree

Make the fort you build a place to “plant” your family tree. As you put each stick together, name them after past and present family members. This helps your children learn about older and deceased members of the family, as well as ones who live far away. It’s a fun way to share family history with your kids. And afterward, turn the fort into a craft house where you can draw a family tree to display in your living room or den!

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A Family Storybook Fort

All families have interesting stories to share. How did your family come to America and what did they face when they arrived? What happened when dad met mom and they fell in love? All of these stories and more can become part of your unique family storybook. Have everyone sit in a circle in the fort you build together. Encourage each person to share a little-known family story. Record the stories so you can put them together in a real book later. And this book can be shared with future generations. What a fun way to preserve history!

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The Ultimate Stay-cation in a Fort

We all know the cost of a family vacation adds up and might not fit in the budget every year. Who says you can’t have a getaway in your imaginations?! Build a fort in the family destination of choice. It can be a campout fort, a Disney fort, or a beach fort – it’s all about where everyone wants to go. Make it authentic by adding beach chairs or lots of Disney plush animals. Post pictures on the wall of the fort and spend a day having fun together. It’s the ultimate stay-cation!


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King or Queen for a Day Fort

Does anyone in the family complain about being overlooked? Make a family fort into a castle where a chosen family member is king or queen for the day! Pick the first name out of a hat, then the rest, to ensure each member has a turn being king or queen. Grant special privileges, such as no chores for the day and access to their favorite snacks. And remember to make a paper crown for the weekly member of royalty!

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Sleepover Fort

What’s one of the best aspects of a family camp trip? Everyone gets to sleep together in a tent! Recreate that good feeling in a sleepover fort built by the entire family. Make kitchen s’mores, get out your sleeping bags, and tell ghost stories. Bring flashlights in the fort to read your favorite bedtime stories. You might not get a lot of sleep, but you’ll surely make magical memories!

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Building a fort together is the start of celebrating your family and creating lasting memories. Playing together helps everyone escape the stress of work, school, and chores. Family fort building time is an escape from the daily routine so everyone can just have fun. And all it takes is a Fort Magic kit and plenty of imagination! How do you create family memories with fort building? Share your ideas with us below!

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