Celebrating Spring With Outdoor Fort Building

Posted April 16, 2016 by Fort Magic

Finally, the time is here to get out of the house and go outside. No doubt your kids have been cooped up in the house all winter and can’t wait to play outdoors. Everyone is sure to be eager to get back outside into the sunshine and warm air. From watching birds and butterflies to building outdoor forts, there is plenty to do right in your own backyard!


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Fort building is a great activity you can do together. Why not take the time to celebrate spring with forts? There is no better way to get outside and spend time with your kids than building something together. With technology taking up more time, it’s important to remember that kids need to play outside and use their imaginations. Building outdoor forts for kids to play in is the perfect way to get moving.


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Spring fort building can inspire your kids to imagine all types of outdoor activities. The fort can become a tree house on the ground where the kids can gather to laugh, chat, and play games. They can imagine the fort is their own outdoor shed where they keep toy gardening tools and prepare for planting flowers with you. An outdoor fort can also be transformed into a profitable lemonade stand on a warm day.


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Consider the smart reasons why kids should build forts. First of all, fort building encourages creativity. It helps develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills while it helps build kids’ brains. Kids learn about teamwork and independence. They get a sense of accomplishment when they build a fort. It can become a nook or place of privacy for their activities. Kids also learn about trial and error during the process of building the fort.


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Fort Magic offers a variety of designs that you can build with your children for both indoor and outdoor forts. Due to variations in weather, you’ll probably want to bring any fort that you have outside on a nice day in when the day ends. The beauty is that you can then build the same fort again or build something completely different on the next nice day! These aren’t the forts you made as a child. There are far more options that you can choose from, with a vast variety of designs that you can make that actually look like what your child envisions in his or her head.


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Everyone can make a castle, villa, truck, airplane, submarine or even a rocket ship! These designs will foster your child’s imagination as well as get them out into the fresh spring air. There are also expansion packs and fabric covers that will soon be available. Now is a perfect time get outside and start having fun!


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