Do Children Learn Through Play With Forts?

Posted January 1, 2016 by Fort Magic

Kids have a lot of energy, and sitting to learn for extended periods of time can be difficult. Thank goodness for recess! When your children are home from school for winter or summer breaks, it’s important to keep them learning outside of the classroom. You’re probably not going to convince your kids to sit down for a math lesson during their break, but getting them a fort building kit from Fort Magic will give them a fun way to keep learning. Do children learn through play with forts? They certainly do!


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Kids can learn measuring and basic geometry skills with fort building. A Fort Magic Fort Building Kit comes with a set amount of sticks and connectors in various shapes and lengths. Kids can put their math skills to the test by figuring the angles and measuring the inches and feet of their desired fort shape and size. The forts can be simple, and your kids probably won’t learn trigonometry over the summer, but they will learn and retain much more while they actively participate in the fort building process.


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One of our biggest hopes for our children is that they’ll grow up to be independent and confident adults. Kids will learn independence while playing with forts. While smaller children might need some help with the construction, the fort is a place of their own that they customize to fit themselves. Bigger kids might build a fort big enough to accommodate a couple of friends to watch a movie. Littler kids might want a cozier fort that is big enough for them and their stuffed animals. Whatever its purpose, the fort becomes their own place that they can feel a sense of ownership over. Fort building is an enjoyable and safe way for children of all ages to learn independence.


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Play with forts is a great way for children to learn problem-solving skills. Kids can figure out how to build their larger fort by breaking it down into smaller pieces. If one configuration doesn’t work, they’ll have to keep trying until they find one that does. We often learn more from our mistakes than from anything else, and children can experience this lesson on a smaller scale with fort building.


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There are so many ways that kids will learn through play with forts. A Fort Magic building kit is an excellent learning tool as well as an incredibly fun activity for your children.



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