Children's Indoor Balloon-House Fort Play

Posted January 1, 2021 by Fort Magic

There is no doubt that it has been a crazy year. Not only have several holiday get-togethers been canceled, but several birthday parties as well. Even places where you would typically host a birthday party have closed down making celebrating a challenge. However, just because you may not be going out somewhere or having people over, doesn’t mean that your kid’s party has to be canceled.

indoor fort play

Bring the fun to your child by building an indoor balloon-house play fort with a Fort Magic building kit. Much like a ball pit at your favorite indoor play area, this balloon-house is so easy to build that the whole family can get involved. And, the best part is, it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

indoor fort play

How to Build Your Indoor Balloon-House Play Fort

While this task may seem a little daunting when getting started, it can be quite simple, especially with a Fort Magic building kit! Simply follow the steps below or discover a process that works best for you. With this building kit, there is no right or wrong way to build your fort!

1. Design a Frame

With any structure, and especially your balloon-house, it’s important to establish a frame before diving into the rest of the project. For the balloon-house, it’s best to stick with more of a square or rectangular shape to easily hold the balloons.

To really get your kids involved, let them design and build it with you. This may even include having them choose where to put it and drawing out the design of the fort before getting started. Be there to assist them, but if they are old enough, let them lead the project, even if it means failing and starting over again.

indoor fort play

2. Add the Walls

Again, to keep the balloons within your structure, it’s important to have the walls and possibly even a roof. This may mean tying material around the bottom or draping a covering over the top. For this portion of the project, get creative! You don’t necessarily have to buy items, you could simply use old sheets, tarps, or even drop cloths.

The fabric clips included with your kit will help you keep the coverings up, but be sure to leave a small flap opening for an easy way to get in and out. For an added element of fun, choose a covering that fits the color scheme or theme of your party. Or, let your kids get creative and paint or color on the “walls” themselves. This is an excellent way to truly make it their own.

3. Fill it with Balloons

While this last step may seem obvious, there are a few important items to remember. First, it takes a lot of balloons to fill this space, so get several people involved in blowing them up. Another option is to order them already filled from a party store or to buy equipment to help you with this.

When filling the balloons, make sure they are not blown up too big. Having some room to expand will keep them from popping too quickly if they are stepped on, jumped on, or simply laid on. Choose those that, again, will fit your party theme or color scheme, and then load up your fort. Once that’s done, it’s time for the fun!

indoor fort play

Other Indoor Play Fun Ideas

Using balloons with your fort doesn’t have to stop there. Your Fort Magic building kit can be used in a variety of different ways. If you have some small white balloons on hand, why not have an indoor “snowball” fight? Each team or child can build a small structure for shelter, then see who can get their opponent first with a “snowball.”

Once the weather warms up, take your kit outdoors for a water balloon fight. Again, your kids can design and build their fort for the protection and storage of their water balloons. Once everyone is ready, let the games begin! It’s not only a great outside activity, it’s an excellent way to beat the heat!

indoor fort play

Make it a Learning Moment

While an indoor balloon-house play fort is a lot of fun to build and play in, constructing it can provide a great learning opportunity. Not only will your children have to think through how to design and build the perfect structure, but they will also have a chance to get creative and work together with others. Step in when needed, but, if possible, allow them to take the lead and follow their direction, even if that means building it wrong and starting over.

Doing this will allow them to incorporate and carry out several STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills, which force them to think creatively, problem-solve, and work as a team toward a common goal. In seeing their finished work, they build confidence, allowing them to freely and willingly tackle projects in the future. Getting to learn while having fun and making memories is certainly a win-win!

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indoor fort play

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