Chill Out This Summer In A Creative Igloo Fort For Kids

Posted May 27, 2018 by Fort Magic

The heat is on as kids get out of school for the summer. And the summer sun promises to get hotter as we head into June and July. Find the ultimate way to chill out this summer in a creative igloo fort for kids! While the weather outside is warm, kids can have cool thoughts in their own igloo fort.


It’s All About Imagination

Igloo forts don’t have to be a winter activity. When it comes to playtime, it’s all about imagination and a dash of creativity. Just grab the Fort Magic kit and let the kids focus on cooling thoughts. The igloo was invented due to necessity during the coldest months of the year. The structure constructed of ice was warm inside so people could go fishing and hunt for food during the winter. While it was meant to be a warm shelter, it can also become a chilly refuge on a hot summer day!

Igloo Fort 1

Building an Igloo

The first step is for your kids to put on their architect’s hat. An igloo is a round structure with a rounded top. Show them images of igloos then let them figure out how to build it using Fort Magic sticks. Once they have the basic structure, it’s time to make it look like an igloo. White sheets or blankets and plenty of silver glitter do the trick!

Igloo Fort 2

Making It a Cool Place

Unlike a winter fort that keeps people warm, a summer fort is a place to cool down on a hot summer day. Add fan with a safety guard so little finger’s don’t get caught and hurt. Let it blow over a bowl of ice for a chilly spot away from the parents and outdoor heat. Fill a cooler with icy juice boxes. And ices and ice cream are always a welcome treat to beat the heat on a steamy summer day!

Igloo Fort 3

Make Snow Cones

While it won’t be snowing outside in the summer, you can still make believe there’s snow. And the perfect way to do it is making snow cones with the kids! Grab the blender and some ice then let the magic begin. Get a few different drink mix flavors so the kids can choose their favorite. Nothing is cooler on a hot summer day than eating a homemade snow cone!

Igloo Fort 4

Add Authenticity

Now that snacks are ready, the kids are fueled up to add an authentic touch to their igloo fort. Use cotton batting and glitter to add snow to the igloo. Make snowflakes from construction paper and hang them on the walls of the fort. Put stuffed animals in the igloo, such as penguins, that might be found by an igloo. Or hang images of animals from arctic areas such as Alaska and Greenland. While you’re finding pictures, talk to the kids about these areas so they get a quick geography lesson, too.

Igloo Fort 5

Gone Fishing

And what do people do in igloos? They go fishing! Usually, a hole is cut in the center of the floor to go ice fishing. Recreate this experience by filling a kiddie pool with water and put it in the middle of the igloo. Add plastic fish and give out toy fishing rods so the kids can fish in their igloo. Make tuna fish sandwiches for lunch to celebrate their “catch!” If it gets really hot, the kids can turn the fishing hole into a splash zone for summer.

Igloo Fort 6

Building an igloo fort on a hot summer day is the perfect way to give the kids cool thoughts! How do you get your kids to cool down and have fun with forts in the summer? Share your ideas with us below!

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