Create A Magical Hideaway With Childrens Forts

Posted August 24, 2019 by Fort Magic

Kids love to create little hideaways where they can play and let their imaginations run wild. You can use one of our Fort Magic building kits to create magical hideaway childrens forts. Here are some of our ideas to get them started.

1. Under the Stairs

If you have a 2-story home then chances are high you have that awkward space under your stairs that no one really knows what to do with. You can give that space to your kids and let them turn it into their hideaway spot. They can set up a fort in there and stock it with all their necessities such as books, coloring supplies, or toys.

They will spend hours in there going on adventures and having fun with their imagination. One of the best parts is that you can close the door when they are done to tuck away the mess.

2. Under A Loft Bed

Have them create their own design using the loft bed as part of their structure. They can add to the loft bed to create their hideaway. When they’re finished with the fort structure, they can drape fabric over the loft bed and attach it to the fort sticks with fabric clips.

Stock their fort with lots of pillows, blankets, and their favorite stuffed animals. An added bonus is that bedtime will be easier for a while since they get to sleep in their magical hideaway.

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3. Over their Bed

Create a special reading fort right over their bed. Once they feel comfortable building with our fort building kits then you can task them with coming up with a structure around their bed. Cover it in whatever materials you can find using our fabric clips.

You can also use the fabric clips to attach a strand of lights to the inside of the fort so they have light to read by before bed. Don’t forget to include a door so they can get into bed when it’s time to get tucked in!

4. In A Closet

If you have a big enough closet then let your kids turn it into their hideaway. They can even make a shorter fort so you can still have space above it to hang stuff. They can have their space to be a kid and you can close the door so you still have your space.

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5. In the Backyard

If the weather is nice enough, one of our favorite spots to set up a magical fort is in the backyard. You can allow them to use all the space they need to let their imaginations take over. They can build whatever fort creations they can come up with.

They can enjoy refreshing lemonade or homemade popsicles in their fort and you won’t have to worry about a sticky mess. This will also encourage your kids to spend more time outside.

6. On the Front Porch

One thing that all kids love is the magic of getting to sleep outside. This is another one reserved for nicer weather when the risk of freezing at night is low (since forts don’t offer much insulation!). Put down a sheet for the fort floor and let them build a fort on top of that.

After they are done, have them gather whatever supplies they’ll need for their fort. Some of our favorite supplies for an outdoor sleepover include blankets, pillows, books, snacks, drinks (with lids to prevent spilling), flashlights, lanterns, glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, and books on tape.

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7. Under the Play Structure

Another fun idea is to use the area underneath the play structure. They can attach the fabric covering to the play structure and extend that into their fort structure. After they are done building their fort, they can spend hours looking for tiny creatures in the grass floor of their hideaway.

8. In the Woods

If you live near a wooded area then have your kids set up their hideaway fort in the woods. They can spend time collecting sticks, leaves, flowers, moss, and other items to decorate their fort. They can also attach their fort to a tree or several bushes. Kids can also practice their wilderness survival skills. You can also gather rocks to make a ring and place several small logs in the middle to be their pretend fire.

9. At the Park

One of the reasons our Fort Magic building kits are so popular is because they are so easy to transport. You can bring your fort building kit in the bag to the park for a park day. Make sure you also bring fabric to cover the outside.

It takes just a few minutes to set up the fort once you’re at the park and you can stock it with a picnic, water balloons, and other essential park day toys. Their fort is guaranteed to be a hit with the other kids as they spend hours in their magical hideaway. A bonus is that the fort will help protect them from getting sunburned. When the day is over, it’s easy to take it down and pack it out to your car.

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