Create A Secret Hideaway With Sleepover Kids Tent Forts

Posted November 27, 2020 by Fort Magic

Thinking back, most of us can probably remember begging our parents to have a sleepover. There’s something about being with friends in your home (or theirs) that is special and just plain fun. For parents, however, it can be chaotic and sometimes stressful keeping your kids and their friends entertained. With a Fort Magic building kit, however, it doesn’t have to be. For your kids’ next sleepover, encourage them to create secret hideaway forts, then step back to watch their imagination come alive!

sleepover forts

Why Forts for a Sleepover?

Fort-building was likely a part of your childhood and now a part of your children’s as well. But, what is it about these simple structures that provide endless amounts of joy and entertainment? Not only are they proven to make a child feel secure, but they also provide a safe place that doesn’t change. In a world that seems to constantly be moving and changing, it provides stability and comfort.

Forts are also simple and often dark, providing less stimulation and allowing a child to easily regulate his or her emotions. Not only are they fun to create and build, but they also provide a structure that they are in charge of. If they want to make changes or leave things the same, they can, which, again, provides a comforting feeling of being in control.

sleepover forts

sleepover forts

Creating Sleepover Forts

Not only can these structures provide your kids and their friends with comfort and something to do, but it will also give them an opportunity to learn and work together. Below are just a few steps to help your kids create their perfect sleepover tent fort.

sleepover forts

1. Decide Where to Put It

While this may seem like an obvious step, there are several things to consider. First, find a place that has plenty of room where the kids can spread out and have the freedom to make a structure as big or small as they would like.

Keep it in an area that they can play, be loud, and have fun! Though building their structure outside would certainly be a blast, if the weather is not cooperating, building one inside can be just as exciting.

sleepover forts

2. Let Your Kids Design It

Next, challenge your children and their friends to come up with a design. Make sure they think through what the structure will look like, how they will build it, and if it will accommodate sleeping bags and games they would like to play inside.

Not only will this provide a chance to be creative, but it will also force them to think critically about their structure and problem solve if things don’t go their way. They’ll have to use gross and fine motor skills, as well as communication techniques to work together as a team.

sleepover forts

3. How to Decorate Their Sleepover Forts

Though some will want to keep their structure simple, others will love this next step of decorating their fort. Ultimately, it can become anything they want it to be. With a few simple decorations, it can be transformed into a spaceship or castle.

The building kit contains fabric clips that can work to hang sheets or towels that may serve as walls or a roof for extra design and privacy. Butcher paper is another great option to hang and one that can be colored or painted. For a magical touch, hang string lights that will give a nice glow when playing or falling asleep in the fort.

sleepover forts

4. How to Use It

Not only is the fort fun to sleep in, but it’s also a great spot for kids to hang out all day long. Make sure the space is large enough for board and card games. You can even set up a tournament with simple treats and prizes.

A small TV or projector is another great option for watching TV shows or movies, and letting them eat pizza, ice cream, or other fun treats while they’re watching will make their fort even more special. At night, with the help of a few lights, your kids can read or tell stories, capping off a perfect day!

sleepover forts

The Beauty of a Fort

When it comes to a Fort Magic building kit, the possibilities are truly endless. Not only can these structures be built, torn down, and built again, with a little imagination, they can be anything your kids desire. It’s not a permanent structure, and though it may seem to take over a room when built, it can be easily broken down and stored away, when not providing hours of entertainment and fun.

Another excellent advantage of this building kit is that it grows with your child. Young children have the benefit of learning how to build small, simple structures, while older ones have the ability to create those that are larger and more complex. Providing your kids with these simple tools allows them the freedom to learn and be imaginative, while you get to step back and watch it happen!

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sleepover forts

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