Create Magical Winter Ice Forts

Posted November 11, 2019 by Fort Magic

If your children love Frozen, they are going to love our winter ice fort ideas! The Fort Magic fort building kit can be used in endless ways to entertain your kids and keep them busy thinking, learning, and creating.

Magical Winter Ice Forts

Create A Frozen 2 Themed Fort Day

Is it possible to get your kids even more excited about the release of Disney’s Frozen 2?  We say yes!  By creating an entire day of fort-making-magic around this long awaited sequel your kids will have a memory they’ll cherish forever and learn and grow along the way too.  It will take a little planning to make sure you have all of the supplies on hand for the big day, but it will be totally worth it. We also recommend creating a list of everything you’ll need to do for preparation and sketch out a plan for your day of fun.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started!

Making Family Memories With Forts 1

1. Make Frozen Themed Snacks

Kids enjoy getting to help in the kitchen. It can help them learn math and science as well as get them excited to eat foods they normally might not prefer. You can make some of these Frozen-inspired healthy snacks such as Sven’s carrot sticks, Olaf string cheese sticks, or sandwiches cut out in snowflake shapes.

You can also add some sweet treats such as snowflake sugar cookies, a frozen-blue candy station, and even add some melted Olaf cups (which is made with ice cream, pretzels, and chocolate chips). After you make your wintery themed snacks, you can watch the first Frozen movie in your fort and celebrate the characters and music we all have grown to love.

Making Family Memories With Forts 22. Build an Ice Castle

A really fun way to celebrate Frozen is to re-create Elsa’s ice castle with an icy-blue cellophane fort. You can use our Fort Magic castle design included in your building manual to create the base of your fort. Next, using the Fort Magic snap-on fabric clips included in your kit you can attach blue and clear cellophane to the outside of the castle frame. The cellophane gives your castle that perfect, shimmering, icy look.

To make it even more magical you can attach some white Christmas lights or rope lights to the inside of the fort. Cover the floor with white sheets and then fill the inside with cozy blue or white blankets and pillows to make your fort ready for movie watching. You can make it more fun by having your kids dress up as their favorite characters from the movie.

Making Family Memories With Forts 3

3. Build an Adventurous Ice Cave

Building an ice cave fort is another fun winter fort idea.  The ice cave design below is even big enough that you can set up a space inside to have an indoor frozen picnic of all your wintery themed snacks. You can start with an idea like the ice cave photo below and then add-on some fun tunnels, balconies, and towers to climb through and explore.  You may even want to sketch out your ice cave design first, planning all of your hidden secret entrances and caverns, then build the fort using your sketch as a guide.

We suggest covering it with solid material so that it’s dark inside to resemble a dark and frozen cave. You can hang white and blue crepe paper streamers from the ceiling for icicles that are typically found in ice caves.  You can use craft paper too to draw or paint your own creative decorations and designs inside and outside your ice cave fort.

Making Family Memories With Forts 4

Making Family Memories With Forts 5

4. Create A Craft Fort

What’s better than creating a Frozen-themed craft? Creating the craft inside your very own frozen, icy fort!  You can use one of the forts you’ve already made or create a new wintery design to play inside while creating your wintery crafts. We like to use the “playhouse” design or even a basic box fort design for our craft forts. Set up tables inside with all the supplies they’ll need to make their Frozen-themed crafts.

For younger kids, you can make easier crafts such as blue or white snowy play dough with sparkles, an Olaf snowman with cotton balls glued to it, and snowmen made with marshmallows and pretzel sticks. For the older kids, you can have fun making elaborate snowflakes, slime made with clear blue sparkle glue, and snowflakes made from clothespins. You can even use some of your crafts to decorate your winter fort and make it more magical!

Making Family Memories With Forts 6

5. Host an Indoor Snowball Fight

You don’t need to go outside to enjoy a good snowball fight.  You can make your own snowball fighting fortress to play around using your Fort Magic kit!  If you don’t live in an area where it is snowing it’s no big deal, you can still enjoy this fun winter activity as it doesn’t require going outside or using real snow (yay!) You can either buy or make your own DIY large white pom poms to make large, fluffy indoor snowballs. Or you can use other materials to bring the snowball game inside such as crumpling up balls of white paper. 

If you happen to have snow where you live, you can take your snowball fight and your snowball fort outside for playing. Getting outdoors during the winter is good for kids physical and emotional health. And while you are outdoors enjoying the snow you can enjoy some other fun wintery classics such as sledding, create tracks and snow angels in the snow, or do some other fun outdoor winter ideas.

Making Family Memories With Forts 7

Making Family Memories With Forts 8

6. Travel to the Arctic with an Igloo Fort

A fun way to enjoy winter is to learn about life in the arctic. You can first go to the library to find some kid-friendly factual books about igloos, animals in the arctic, or the Inuit people. Once you’ve gathered your arctic books you could then turn your attention to some seasonal, magical ideas like finding frosty the snowman town, the abominable snowman, Santa and his reindeer, or some other wintery magical stories. You’ll have fun reading about these arctic worlds and adventures and plan a fun igloo fort to travel to the arctic in for some indoor (or outdoor) learning fun! 

Next, draw out your own igloo fort on paper and then build your igloo with your Fort Magic fort building kit. You can cover it with white sheets or other materials we discussed above. Then gather around your “fire” (pretend fire, of course!) and enjoy reading the books you got about life in the arctic.  

frozen winter fort ideas 2

Enjoy creating winter ice forts with your children during those blustery days.

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